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Coming to America ~ An Exciting Trip Awaits You!

I know many of my readers live in America but I want to talk to my readers who do not live in America for a moment. Have you ever thought about visiting America? I have lived here my entire life and I have to say it’s been great visiting different parts of this country. From the never-asleep New York City on the East coast to the gorgeous sand beaches and sun sets on the California western coast there are plenty of things to see and do!

I first went to New York when I was in my mid-twenties and let me tell you it was exciting! For a person who grew up in the country New York is a rather exciting place! There are SO many people there and the city really never sleeps. There are people walking about 24 hours day! If you travel far south from New York you’ll end up in Florida. Florida is a beautiful state and has the widely known Disney World theme park along with gorgeous sand beaches and the ocean! If you’ve got that inner cowboy/cowgirl in you, you’ll fall in love with Texas, which is to the west. Texas is one of the biggest states in our union and they have so much to offer! If you keep traveling west but go north you’ll run into Las Vegas! Everyone has heard of Las Vegas and the casino city! They not only have casinos though they are known for offering a wide range of entertaining shows that are sure to please!

Finally, on the far west coast you have California. Los Angeles is probably the most popular spot in California. This is where so many movies and shows are filmed and many, many celebrities live. California is full of warm weather year-round, palm trees and mountains that satisfy anyone’s desire for relaxing, beautiful scenery.

Now that I’ve given you a quick tour of some of the hot spots in America, be sure to check for flights to America and come visit soon! You won’t regret it…your trip will be full of memories and stories to take back home with you!

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