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Tiny Owl Natural Living and OsoCozy AIO Review

Tiny Owl Natural Living has quickly become one of my favorite online shops. Nissa, the owner is incredibly kind and helpful! She has a passion for supporting small businesses who make their products right here in the USA and most of the products found at Tiny Owl Natural Living are made in America! In her own home Nissa tries to use as many natural products as she can, however, she has had trouble finding products locally. This is what inspired her to start Tiny Owl Natural Living.

Nissa kindly sent us two OsoCozy All-In-One cloth diapers to review. She sent one for Baby Addy in the gorgeous purple color and one for LA in the aqua color. If you’ve been around my blog, you know that we are huge all-in-one fans at my house. They are daddy friendly and super easy for me too! OsoCozy is a brand that I had not tried so I was thrilled to get this opportunity.

Forgive the messy look of the picture. I couldn’t get the diapers to lay flat but I wanted to show you the inner and outer of this diaper. 
The OsoCozy All-In-One Version 2.0 comes in two sizes for a better fit. The AIOs we received have an unbleached birdseye cotton inner and a PUL waterproof liner. The diapers are available in five colors: blue, green, pink, purple and white. This AIO has an aplix closure and is super easy to care for! They are available at a VERY reasonable price of $15.95 each!

First, let’s review this diaper on Baby Addy. She was about 9 1/2 pounds and 6 weeks old in these pictures.

As I said earlier, we received the purple for Baby Addy. I love this color!! This is the small sized OsoCozy and is intended for babies between 6 and 18 pounds. I love that the aplix can be crossed over for a perfect fit around her waist. The diaper is very trim and it fits her really well! She wore it for an average of 2-3 hours during the day and even 6 hours one night and we never experienced leaks with her in this diaper. Of course she is not a heavy wetter at night just yet so I don’t think this will work on older babies for that long! 🙂  It is one of my favorites to use at night now that I know if works for longer periods with her and it is easy aplix closure for those middle of the night changes. I think the addition on one row of rise snaps would be great, but I am not complaining because overall this diaper did fit her well and it seems like it will fit her well for quite a while. She is about 10 pounds 13 ounces right now so according to the size recommendation it should fit her for another 7 pounds or so and I don’t doubt that it will.

Next, let’s look at it on my 26 pound, 20-month old toddler. This is the aqua OsoCozy All-In-One.Again, I love the color! 🙂 This is the size two and it is intended to fit babies from 18-35 pounds.

At 26 pounds, this diaper fits him amazingly well and I have no doubt he’ll be able to wear it until he is potty trained (or over 35 pounds!). Not only does it fit well, but it looks great! We only used this for daytime playtime and naptime for him because there are not pocket openings to add extra absorbent layers but we did not have any leaks on him either. The OsoCozy has passed the leak test on both of my babies! 🙂 There are no openings left on the legs for leaks and the diaper doesn’t leave marks on his legs either. The aplix closure allows us to get a wonderful fit!

This is ultra-trim on him and I love it! This is the perfect diaper for him to wear under jeans!

Laundering this diaper is incredibly easy. You just secure the aplix laundry tabs and throw it in the washer. Drying this diaper does take longer than most all-in-ones. Honestly, there are two types of AIOs that we have that seem to take the longest to dry and this is one of them. If you are familiar with the BumGenius Elemental and the drying time with that diaper, this is similar. We typically dry the diapers for two rounds on low heat and then the Bum Genius Elementals and the OsoCozy diapers sit out to finish drying. They aren’t soaked at that point, but still damp. If you are going to have one negative thing about a diaper that’s a good one to have. You can just let it sit out overnight to finish drying – not a huge deal!

As I mentioned earlier, this is a super daddy friendly diaper in our house! My husband will only use all-in-one diapers with aplix. Yes, he is that picky and this diaper meets his requirements! I have already ordered another one for Baby Addy from Tiny Owl!

As happy as I am for Nissa on her future endeavors, I am incredibly sad to say that she has decided to close Tiny Owl for now. She is having a sale of 15% off of everything in the store, which includes these diapers. On top of that, she has FREE shipping so you can get this amazing AIO diaper for only $13.56! She has a amazing selection of natural and green products to chose from – hurry before the store sells out!! 🙂 

Purchase: You can purchase your own OsoCozy AIOs from Tiny Owl!

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  1. JOURNEE KAPRI says:

    I like this diaper.

  2. Mrs.Smitty says:

    Except for the extended drying time, I really like this diaper! Thanks!

  3. That’s sad that she’s closing. It’s great to see more products that are made in the USA. I’m really trying to reduce the amount of products we buy that are made in China and other questionable locations.

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