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Jack Be Natural and Newborn Kissaluvs Review – Friday’s Fabulous Fluff Feature

If you are looking for a great online diaper shop that has a great selection you’ll want to learn all about Jack Be Natural! They are this week’s Fabulous Fluffy Feature here at Mama on a Green Mission! 
Jack Be Natural is a cloth diapering boutique that is owned by John and Stacy. They are the parents to two wonderful little ones and are admittedly obsessed with their children’s health and well being. They have combined their passion for natural products with their entrepreneurial spirit to create Jack Be Natural. 
At Jack Be Natural they offer some amazing advantages such as free shipping (on most items and in the contiguous US) and a unique rewards system! Free shipping is a definite plus when buying online! Some retailers charge crazy amounts so seeing that free shipping offer is something that pulls me in! I love their rewards program! It’s not set up to where you have to keep buying and buying to reach a certain level to redeem your points. They automatically give you $1 for every $15 you spend and it is automatically applied to your next order! If you prefer though you can save up your credits and will not expire or require a minimum purchase to use! Isn’t that great? Jack Be Natural carries a wide range of cloth diapering brands such as Bum Genius, AppleCheeks, BabyKicks, GroVia, and Thirsties among others! Not only do they offer cloth diapers though, they have an assortment of bath and body products, baby gear, health and sleep products and items for mom! You have to check out this shop! I am seriously loving it!!! 
The wonderful people at Jack Be Natural sent us the Kissaluvs newborn diaper to review on Baby Addy. This a an all-in-one diaper with a snap closure. It also has a snap down feature to keep the diaper away from baby’s umbilical cord.We received it in spring green (love the color!) with a yellow inside but it is also available in chocolate, white and lagoon blue. It is made of a PUL outer and a stay-dry fleece inside with a 100% polyester soaker and is made right here in the USA! The diaper is said to fit babies from 5-15 pounds. Addy was about 8.5 pounds when I first put this on her and she is now almost 12 pounds and it has fit great the entire time! 

I first used this diaper on Addy when she was just about a week old. It fit her great! I love both the feel and the fit of this diaper. We didn’t really have to use the snap down feature because her umbilical cord came off rather quickly at just 6 days old but I can see how well it would have worked had we needed it.

This is Addy at about 8.5 pounds with the snap down so you can see how great it works. The diaper has an amazing fit and we’ve not had one leak. We typically use it for 2-3 hours at a time. We have had a blowout in this diaper where her poo did come out, but there aren’t many diapers that hasn’t happened with!

This is the diaper without the snap down. You can see it does fit very well both ways. It is a pretty trim diaper and laundering this diaper is incredibly easy! You simply throw it into the wash, no unstuffing or laundry tabs to secure! It dries fairly quick as well for an all-in-one diaper. It is a very daddy-friendly diaper as well (seeing that there is no stuffing) as long as daddy doesn’t mind snaps. There are just two snaps to do so it’s not complicated at all!

My Final Thoughts: I really like this diaper! It’s easy to use, absorbent, adorable and fits a decent range (5-15 pounds). I do have two wishes: that it was available with an organic cotton inner and it that was available in more colors, especially a pink and/or purple! 🙂

Buy It: You can purchase your own Kissaluvs Newborn All-In-One cloth diaper from Jack Be Natural for just $14.95, very reasonable if you ask me!

FTC Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product from the company, they did not influence my opinion in any way. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. The thoughts, experiences, and opinions included are entirely my own and may differ from that of others. I am not liable for any issues you may incur from use of said product(s). If you have any questions you can contact me or leave a comment.

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