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I’m Thrilled to Introduce You to the NEW Tots Bots Easy Fit!

I am so excited that I was able to try this diaper before it was even available to the public! I have been a huge Tots Bots fan in the past and to hear they were coming out with a new Tots Bots was so exciting to me!

The Tots Bots Easy Fit diaper was a favorite in my early cloth diapering days. I say was because on the previous version, the inner is made of bamboo and microfiber and we did have some stink issues with it. I loved the Easy Fit diapers, but I wished they had a different inner. Now, my dreams have become a reality and I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to the NEW Easy Fit diaper that has a minky inner!! There is no more microfiber!

The diaper is an all-in-one diaper with a pocket opening in the back of the diaper to tuck the soaker pad in, doubling it for more absorbency. The pocket opening is covered by a polyester fabric and is wide, which makes it easy for dad to stuff with his larger hands and easy to add more inserts if needed. Both huge pluses in a diaper! The inner of this diaper is three layers of minky softness, which doubles for six layers total! The minky fabric is color-coordinated with the diaper, which I love! If you’ve not used a diaper with a minky inner just know that minky is known for being extremely soft against baby’s skin, trim and it is a fabric that resists staining and odor – so the problem I had with the old Tots Bots is no longer an issue! The outer is made of a super soft PUL. Another new feature? The Tots Bots Easy Fit will aplix, but it will also finally be available in snaps for all of you snap lovers!! I know many mamas who will be thrilled to hear this! We chose to receive the diaper in aplix though, as we are big aplix fans and their aplix continues to give no disappointment! It sticks incredibly well and never comes undone in the wash! The East Fit has some of the best aplix I’ve seen on any diaper. One other thing to note though since I mentioned snaps, their snaps are all color coordinated now and will match the color of the diaper! On the previous version they were white snaps on the solid colored diapers. The new version also comes with a stay dry liner! I think this is something every diaper should come with. It is great for easy clean up after a poo diaper and it’s great to have if you need to use diaper creams.

Laundering this diaper is SUPER easy, but that is one thing that hasn’t changed about the Easy Fit diapers! The soaker pad that is tucked into the back pocket will automatically agitate out in the washer so there is no un-stuffing! It is also the absolute fastest drying AIO diaper we own and I love that! Now that you know all about this new, fabulous diaper, let’s see how it works for Baby Addy!

We were sent the new Tots Bots Easy Fit in green with the aplix closure for Baby Addy to try. This is a one-size diaper that is intended to fit babies between 8 and 35 pounds. She was about nine pounds when I first put this diaper on her and it fit pretty well for her being at the bottom of the suggested weight range. It was adjusted to the smallest rise and was of course a bit more bulky than it would be on a toddler, but overall it was pretty trim compared to some other one size diapers we’ve tried on her. The waist was easy to fit with the aplix closure because you can cross over the aplix for the perfect fit. It even fit great around her tiny legs. We used this diaper on average for 2-3 hours and not once did we have a leak.

This is not the best photo but I wanted to show a side view so you can see how it looks. It’s not the trimmest on a tiny baby, but it’s not bad at all!

This picture shows the difference in size between one of her newborn diapers and the Tots Bots Easy Fit one size diaper on the smallest setting. It’s really not that much of a difference, is it? The Tots Bots can really get down there in size for our tiny babies, ladies!! 🙂

Guess what else? I know you all love prints and they are going to be releasing some new Easy Fit Prints!! I am secretly hoping they will make the Flower Power and the Cherrylicious in the new design though! 🙂

My Final Thoughts: I absolutely love this diaper. Tots Bots has gone straight to the top of my all time favorite diapers once again. These diapers have an incredibly soft inner against baby, they are easy to wash, they are one size diapers, daddy friendly and I love that they are now going to be available in snaps and aplix! I highly recommend these diapers to every cloth diapering mama! You won’t regret getting one, you’ll absolutely love it!

Purchase: The new Tots Bots Easy Fit will be available later this month at some of your favorite retailers. These diapers are made in Scotland but they are distributed in the US by Bummis – check your favorite Bummis retailer for this new diaper!

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  1. I like these– I need to find them for my Pierce

  2. I see the minky but what is used for the absorbent layers if not microfiber?

  3. Brandi Elam says:

    That is an adorable diaper! I love that the inside color is the same as the outside! I also love that they are going to come in snaps!

  4. jennifer says:

    i am drooling over these diapers!

  5. Mama Chocolate says:

    I haven’t tried the Easy Fit, but I LOVED the Tini Fit on my newborn. I would like to get some more for this next baby, it was perfect!

  6. Eco Baby Mama Drama says:

    I can’t wait to try these! I love the natural fibers and the coordinating colors! I will choose snaps for our little one on these diapers 🙂

  7. Very cute! I could never figure out anything that was reusable. Nothing as cute as these when my kids were little! LOL

  8. Isn’t it still microfiber?? Minky alone isn’t absorbent right? Wish they would have gone all bamboo! 🙂

  9. minky is not a natural fiber though, it is 100% polyester… I think some people will like it but some people still prefer natural fibers against baby’s skin.

  10. Trasina says:

    I think it looks and sounds great and with my good friend prego i’m looking for good gifts like this!

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