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Family Vacations with Little Ones

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about going on a family vacation this summer. My husband is a teacher so he is off the entire summer. With me taking a maternity leave earlier in the year my time off is limited but we could take a long weekend and go somewhere. Not only is time off limited, but our funds are limited! I know it may be challenging to plan cheap family holidays with having two little ones but I think it could be a lot of fun too!

Something that isn’t so close to us that sounds gorgeous is Majorca! If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s an island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a popular holiday destination and with it’s beauty I can certainly see why! I could really use a destination with lovely palm trees and beautiful sands and the sounds of peaceful waters! What mama wouldn’t love that? Majorca sounds like the perfect place to go to relax, get away and enjoy all it has to offer! I am rather fond of eating out and this would be a great place to try traditional island cuisine that I’ve not tried before! The traditional foods are based on pork, fresh fish and vegetables. If you aren’t all for the traditional foods, they also have many restaurants that offers English and European classics. They have amazing resorts, a large number of beaches and warm weather! If you aren’t the type looking for a relaxing getaway, but you prefer the night life, Majorca is for you too! They also have nightlife spots and shopping! Most of the hotels offer swimming pools and restaurants as well as kids’ clubs so everyone can find something they love and have a great time in Majorca for not a lot of money!

I will definitely be looking into going to Majorca in the future. With the food, It would be a great getaway for my husband and I, and even for the whole family when the babies get older! My teenager would love it right now though! It’s worth looking into and planning! What are you waiting for?

What are some of your tips for cheap family outings with little ones to have lots of quality time and family fun? 

My Vacation/Holiday Dreaming Continues...


  1. StarTraci says:

    We have found that camping can be a great inexpensive travel option. If you don’t want to rough it in a tent, many of the state and national parks have cabins that can be rented for VERY reasonable prices. The park itself offers entertainment (almost always a play structure, often a pool or lake) and parking is nominal. We started when my daughter was still very little.

  2. Not sure where you are from but check out your local city/commerce for what’s going on. A few weeks ago our town had a Stay-cation, and they had lots of FREE “wet” slides and other activities. Families had picnics and locally there was also an outdoor movie. Maybe a local museum has FREE day, might sound lame, but if you get all packed up and make it exciting for the kiddos!
    Good luck,
    CJR @ The Mami Blog

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