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Family Vacations with Little Ones


We've been thinking a lot lately about going on a family vacation this summer. My husband is a teacher so he is off the entire summer. With me taking a maternity leave earlier in the year my time off is limited but we could take a long weekend and go somewhere. Not only is time off limited, but our funds are limited! I know it may be challenging to plan cheap family holidays with having two little ones but I think it could be a lot of fun … [Read more...]

My Baby Girl is 11 Weeks Old Already!


Can you believe it? Baby Addy is 11 weeks old today! She is such a sweet baby! She started smiling about three weeks ago and it brightens my day oh so much! I actually get tears in my eyes when I talk to her and she smiles! She is a great nurser and now weighs close to 12 pounds! Her daddy and big brothers adore her too and it's so cute seeing them together!Happy 11 Weeks Baby Addy!  … [Read more...]

Non-GMO Project Initiative – Earth’s Best Brand Commitment


Earth’s Best® believes that babies and toddlers should be fed from the pure ingredients that the earth has to offer which is why they offer high quality, organic foods that do not use genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.Many people are not aware of what GMO’s are. GMO’s are plants, animals, and microorganisms whose DNA has been modified by non-traditional methods. The use of GMO’s is prohibited in all Earth’s Best® products that are certified … [Read more...]

Earth’s Best for Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin GIVEAWAY (Ends Sunday night!)


Does your baby or toddler have sensitive skin? Our little guy, LA, has very sensitive skin as well as eczema. I have learned to be very cautious about the products I use on his body in order to prevent problems like rashes or worsening eczema.We were recently able to try the new Earth’s Best Sensitive Chlorine-Free Baby Wipes. I was pleasantly surprised at the softness of these wipes! They are specially made with oat oil, shea butter lotion and … [Read more...]

Jack Be Natural and Newborn Kissaluvs Review – Friday’s Fabulous Fluff Feature


If you are looking for a great online diaper shop that has a great selection you'll want to learn all about Jack Be Natural! They are this week's Fabulous Fluffy Feature here at Mama on a Green Mission! Jack Be Natural is a cloth diapering boutique that is owned by John and Stacy. They are the parents to two wonderful little ones and are admittedly obsessed with their children's health and well being. They have combined their passion for natural … [Read more...]

MOGM is Teaming Up with EBMD for Two New Weekly Features!


I am so excited about some new things coming to Mama on a Green Mission, and I hope you will be too! I have teamed up with another "green" blogger for two new weekly events! Bri from Eco Mama Baby Drama and I have many things in common and we wanted to share some of our loves with you!Starting today, Bri and I will be doing our Friday's Fabulous Fluffy Feature! Each week we'll be posting something about fluff! We are both cloth diapering mamas … [Read more...]

Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler Review and GIVEAWAY


Since our "green" days began a few years back, a lot of changes have taken place in our home. One of those changes is recycling. We recycle many things in our kitchen (such as juice containers, pop and water bottles, cardboard boxes, plastic and glass containers) and we have had the problem of these things cluttering our counter top until they can later be taken into the basement to our recycle bin. We were recently given the opportunity to … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Kisses


[Read more...]

kigo footwear Discount Code and Review


I have a small obsession with shoes. When I came across kigo footwear I was so excited. Their shoes are lightweight and flexible, both features that I love in shoes! Not only that, they are stylish, yet sturdy enough for athletics! kigo is also committed to ecological accountability in everything they do! I have so much respect for companies that are aware of their effect on the environment and care enough to make a difference! The idea for kigo … [Read more...]

Juice Beauty – The Organic Solution Review and GIVEAWAY


If you could take care of your heart or kidneys with just a few simple steps each day you would right? Well what about your skin?  Your skin is the largest organ in your body and needs just as much care as your other organs and being able to take care of your skin with the simple Juice Beauty Organics to Clear Skin 4 step system is not only easy but beneficial in so many ways.I try to use organic products in my home and daily life as much as … [Read more...]

On-the-Go Snacks with Earth’s Best (Giveaway)


Spring is a busy time of year for the whole family. Since Baby Addy has joined our family, we've been even busier than normal! This time of year involves a lot of family activities and birthdays for us and there is so much running around!Between activities outside and the weather getting nicer, you want to ensure the little ones have what they need when their tummies are rumbling and boredom sets in:Everyone reaches for snacks during playdates. … [Read more...]

Leading Lady Organic Bra Review and Nursing Cami GIVEAWAY and Earth Day Sale Info!


When I was nursing my little boy I didn't really have many nursing bras that I liked or that fit me well. Many times I would wear a regular bra and just pull it down - I don't recommend that, by the way! A comfy nursing bra is a must have in my opinion and you can find just that at Leading Lady. Leading Lady is a premiere intimate apparel company dedicated to creating comfortably functional, remarkably affordable, stylish and easy-to-wear bras, … [Read more...]

Annie’s Organic Pizza Review and Giveaway


Pizza is one of my absolute favorite things to eat. When I started being more conscious of ingredients and eating more organic I slowed down a lot on eating pizza. None of the ingredients in most store bought frozen pizzas or in pizzerias is organic. I personally prefer not to think about everything that could be on the pizzas like that.I had seen many organic items at my local Whole Foods, but I honesty never thought to check out frozen pizzas … [Read more...]

Silk Fruit & Protein Review and GIVEAWAY


Silk Fruit & Protein drinks give you not only the amazing taste of fruit juice, but also the power of protein! It's perfect for busy mornings like many of us have! You can quickly grab a glass of this and know that you are adding some goodness to your morning! These drinks are a great source of protein, calcium, vitamins C and D and they are available in three flavors: Strawberry Banana, Mixed Berry and Mango Peach. Silk products are also 100% … [Read more...]

Tiny Owl Natural Living and OsoCozy AIO Review


Tiny Owl Natural Living has quickly become one of my favorite online shops. Nissa, the owner is incredibly kind and helpful! She has a passion for supporting small businesses who make their products right here in the USA and most of the products found at Tiny Owl Natural Living are made in America! In her own home Nissa tries to use as many natural products as she can, however, she has had trouble finding products locally. This is what inspired … [Read more...]

Zooper Tango Review and Baby Item Giveaway


We have looked at double strollers for several months now. When I found out I was pregnant last year that was one of the only things we knew we would need to get since we had everything from when LA was born. Having two children under the age of two requires a double stroller in my opinion! There are a lot of double strollers on the market, but for an item that is going to be carrying your precious cargo, you need something that is of the utmost … [Read more...]

My Cozy Creations Review and GIVEAWAY


Ladies (and gentlemen if there are any reading), am I ever excited to tell you about this product for baby! These seriously have to be one of the cutest items we have for Baby Addy.  Cozy Creations sent us their bunny slippers for review. At Cozy Creations, they believe in creating a great product that's friendly to the environment and as natural as possible. The slippers are felted wool and are hand made! They are 100% organic wool and other … [Read more...]

I’m Thrilled to Introduce You to the NEW Tots Bots Easy Fit!


I am so excited that I was able to try this diaper before it was even available to the public! I have been a huge Tots Bots fan in the past and to hear they were coming out with a new Tots Bots was so exciting to me!The Tots Bots Easy Fit diaper was a favorite in my early cloth diapering days. I say was because on the previous version, the inner is made of bamboo and microfiber and we did have some stink issues with it. I loved the Easy Fit … [Read more...]

Urban Walls GIVEAWAY!


If you are looking for some new inspiration in decorating your home you must check out Urban Walls! They have wall decals, chalk decals and prints! The wall decals that they carry are gorgeous and they have some unique things that will really make people ask you "where did you get that?" They have some gorgeous nursery decals, some for your living spaces and even for the laundry room! They've got you covered! For all of you mamas looking to … [Read more...]

Dying Easter Eggs the Eco-Friendly Way


This is honestly the first year I thought about dying Easter eggs in a long time. My babies are still too small to do it, but I began thinking about what we can use to do the eggs for them. The store bought stuff has an ingredient list that is a bit scary. I remembered a silly gender prediction at-home test I did with cooking cabbage and I recalled how the water was a purplish color and thought that could be my answer! Come to find out there are … [Read more...]

Feeding Your Toddler – A Creative Challenge!


Now your little baby is a toddler, and you still have a lot to learn about feeding your toddler! At this stage, your toddler's growth rate and appetite slows down. A toddler's first agenda is to establish himself or herself as an individual. Stubbornness and fierce independence may be displayed at mealtime. We have had quite a few challenges with LA and getting him to eat. He prefers only a few foods and is very picky even with those at times.A … [Read more...]

Tommee Tippee Breast Pump Review


Breastfeeding is something near and dear to my heart. I have breastfed all of my children and so far with Baby Addy we are having a successful nursing experience. Due to the fact that I do work full time and I returned to work last week I do have to rely on a breast pump to help me collect milk for her when I am working. Would it be easier to give her formula while I am gone? Absolutely! Pumping at work takes a huge dedication but I wouldn't … [Read more...]