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Alizé Red Passion Liqueur Recipes ~ Great for Valentine’s Day (Adult Post)

Although I am pregnant and cannot consume alcohol, I wanted to try these recipes for my husband who will enjoy an occasional drink to relax. Being that we are expecting a baby any day now we opted to have our Valentine's Day celebration a few weeks ago and I made a few of these wonderful cocktails for him! Check out these recipes using Alizé Red Passion Liqueur!Cupid's Kiss1 oz. Alizé Red Passion 1 oz. Apple Juice1/3 oz. Lemon Juice1/3 oz. Sugar … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day with K-Y® Brand Date Night Packs & Free Seasons of Love eBook! (Adult Post)

Valentine's Day is less than a week away! Can you believe it? This weekend is the perfect time to go out and get all of the necessities for a great night at home with your special someone on Valentine's Day! I know as a woman I love to make my husband feel very special and sometimes buying something a little extra and showing him how special he is to me is just what is needed! Be sure to take a look at this information on how you can make this … [Read more...]

Milan Maternity Review & GIVEAWAY!

Milan Maternity's mission is to provide designer styles that flatter your new shape at prices you'll be happy about! Pregnancy is a time to celebrate and as a woman I know that we mamas love having nice clothing to look great in our nine month long celebration of a new life! Maternity clothing can be difficult for various reasons: fit, price, and style among many other things. Milan Maternity is here to help us with those things as they provide … [Read more...]

~~ B Toys Review ~~

We recently had the honor of doing a review for B. Toys. These are some of the most amazing toys on the market in my opinion. They create some amazing toys that are different from all of the others on the market. They stand out and they are fun, imaginative and inspire creativity in our little ones! B. Toys is far more than just a toy company, they are an experience and they are something special! When you are checking out their site, look at all … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Sibblings

I can't wait to see if Baby Addy looks like her brothers! This is both of my boys at 3 months old...they look so much alike!  … [Read more...]

Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay your Kids Book Review & G!VEAWAY!

How are you mamas doing with your workout goals for this new year? I honestly haven't been working out much with being so close to giving birth. I've just been walking, but I know after Baby Addy arrives I will be working out for sure! You'll remember I recently reviewed Dustin Maher's BabyTone workout DVD. I love that DVD and cannot wait to use it with baby! I also got the chance to read his new book, Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless … [Read more...]

What’s On My Mind Monday

Baby, baby, baby. Need I say more? LOL  Baby Addy is all that is on my mind. WHEN oh WHEN will I get to meet you, Addy? I was really hoping for a baby this past weekend and it's Monday and I am still pregnant so that obviously wasn't God's plan. I am only at 38 weeks and 3 days, I just had hopes of meeting her a tad bit early! :) LA arrived at 38 weeks, 6 days so I am thinking this week would be normal! :)I think we are as ready as we are going … [Read more...]

Surf Sweets Review & G!VEAWAY!

Just in time for Valentine's Day I've got a special treat for you! Surfs Sweets are natural and organic candies that you'll fall in love with! The people at Surf Sweets are dedicated to offering great tasting candies and building long-lasting relationships with you for many years to come! They make candy that is full of fresh fruit flavor and Vitamin C using all natural pure ingredients. Their natural, organic products include gummy candy and … [Read more...]

38 Week Pregnancy Update

Ok, so I was 38 weeks as of Friday but I am just getting around to writing this! LOL I am beyond ready to have this little girl but obviously she's not ready. I had my 38 week appointment and found out I was dilated between 2-3 cm. I was happy with that. I have been feeling really tired. I've been having lots of sinus headaches. My legs ache, my body simply hurts. I am ready to have this baby! :)I thought Thursday night would be the night, but I … [Read more...]

Natural House Review & G!VEAWAY!

The couple behind Natural House has always tended to buy natural products. When they became parents to a set of twins, they (like many of us) became even more picky about what to buy. Every one with children experiences something like the baby putting the pacifier in the toilet or them picking something up off of the dirty floor and eating it. As parents we want to know the cleaners we chose for our homes are safe for our babies no matter what … [Read more...]

Beija-Flor Naturals Review & G!VEAWAY!

There are so many skincare products on the market these days and it's difficult sometimes to determine exactly which ones we should use to remain on our green, natural paths in life. I was recently introduced to Beija-Flor Naturals and was very interested in their line of products.  Beija-Flor Naturals is based in California and their specialty is organic facial products and curly haircare goodies! They do offer everyday bath and body items as … [Read more...]

Factory Direct Craft Spotlight

If anyone were to ask me what one of my favorite things to do is I would immediately say crafting! I have been crafting for many, many years. In fact, I started crafting when I as a teenager. My mom and I would do craft projects together (mainly for the holidays) and it was so much fun and such a great, quality family time project! In fact, I used to do crafts with my oldest son when he was smaller and plan to with LA and Addy when they are big … [Read more...]

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil ~ Review & G!VEAWAY!

I have read so many wonderful things about Tropical Traditions so I was very excited to try some of their products myself! The item they sent me for review was their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil. With this pregnancy I have not had much energy at all and my poor husband hasn't had a cooked meal by his wife in quite a while! LOL When I received this, it gave me a reason to force myself to cook something - it was a win win, I got to review this … [Read more...]

Raising Green Kids Spotlight

Green mamas, listen up! There's a fairly new online shop that will provide your green needs! Raising Green Kids was started in 2011 because they wanted to offer families eco-friendly choices along with a healthier lifestyle. Like many of us parents, Dorinda, the owner began researching greener options once her children were born and today they practice a wide range of green habits in their home. Her hopes are to inspire others to make green … [Read more...]

All for Love Valentine’s Event! #ALL4LOVE

Welcome to the All for Love Valentine's Day event hosted by Mama Chocolate and Real Mom Reviews! I hope you've been paying attention to my sponsor spotlights over the past week or so because they've allowed me to put together a fabulous prize package for one lucky winner! This is a fabulous package for Valentine's Day! The prize package here at Mama on a Green Mission includes the following:One set of Bamboo Dreams® Sheets in the winner's choice … [Read more...]

Scandle ~ All For Love Valentine’s Event Sponsor Spotlight

Our final amazing sponsor in the All For Love Valentine's Event is Scandle. Wait til you hear about these amazing candles! You'll want to stock up!  Every woman loves a massage, right? And most men too! What better way to finalize your Valentine's evening than with a bit of candlelight that can turn into the most special kind of massage, the kind from your significant other! Scandle is a step ahead of the candle world because they make candles … [Read more...]