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Addy’s Birth Story

Ever since that Thursday night that I had a false labor scare I questioned every contraction. I knew when labor really did start I would doubt it was the real thing. And that’s exactly what happened.

Last Monday morning we woke up for work as normal. My husband was going to take LA to his parent’s house for the day so I got him ready first. As I was getting him ready my contractions started. They started out being 6-10 minutes apart for the first hour. I debated with myself whether I should call in to work. As the debate continued in my head the contractions got further apart so I drove to work. The whole way there I questioned whether I should go. By the time I got there my contracts were between 10 and 20 minutes apart. After about an hour they were about 20-30 minutes apart but they kept getting harder and harder. They got to the point I couldn’t talk through them but because they were so far apart I was convinced I wasn’t in labor. I was talking to my manager around 9:30 and I had a contraction that hurt so bad I couldn’t talk. She told me I should go home, meet my husband there and go to the hospital.

I left work at 10am. I sent my husband a text (since he teaches and can’t answer the phone) and told him I was going home and he should leave work too. I realized on the way home that the next day was Valentine’s Day and I needed to stop and get my husband a card in case I was in the hospital. I stopped at a drug store and as I walked in I had a contraction so bad I couldn’t walk. I had to pretend I was looking at something on the rack right inside the door. Lol After it ended I quickly picked a card and went home.

For the next hour I had no contractions. I was even more convinced this was false labor. My husband got home and my contractions were back but still far apart and not regular. We relaxed until about 1:50pm when I had a contraction so bad that I was crying. My husband said “come on, let’s go to the hospital”. I still told him I wasn’t sure. Lol After that though my contractions were getting closer and closer and each one hurt so bad. We gathered our bags and got in the car and went to the hospital.

We got there around 2:30pm and when we got to the L&D floor I was having a contraction. They took one look at me, told my husband to check me in and they took me back. They skipped the area where they monitor you to see if you really are in labor before admitting you when they found out my due date and that the Thursday before I was dilated to 4. The took me right to a delivery room and quickly had a doctor check me.

I was shocked when they told me I was dilated to 9! I immediately started asking where my doctor was because I was scared she wouldn’t make it. She finally got there around 3:15 and told me that she was going to break my water and then baby would be born shortly after. She did just that and I was dilated to 10 and ready to push. I pushed for 15 minutes and our precious baby girl entered this world at 3:41pm. I couldn’t believe how fast it went!

Baby Addy was 7 lbs 11 ounces and 21 inches long. She is the perfect addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier. She is healthy and beautiful! I look at her every day and still can’t believe I have my baby girl. She sleeps well and rarely cries. She’s doing so well at nursing. It’s a wonderful thing being a mama again and even though it’s a lot of work, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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Baby Addy has arrived!


  1. tannawings says:

    Congrats to you and the family!

    Happy Birthday Addy!

  2. What a wonderful birth story! Addy sounds like a lovely little lady. and seems like you got to the hospital right on time! Congratulations again to your entire family!

  3. Congrats!

  4. It’s amazing how different each birth can be!


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