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Abby’s Lane ~ Swaddlebees Newborn AIO Review & $20 Voucher G!VEAWAY!

Abby’s Lane was started in 2004 and after 6 1/2 years of being an online boutique, they now have a storefront in Manassas, Virginia. Stephanie, the owner and founder of Abby’s Lane started her cloth diapering journey in 2003 with her oldest daughter and has since cloth diapered three more children. 
Something I LOVE about Abby’s Lane? When you purchase from Abby’s Lane, you are helping to support a team of 12 women who are able to work flexible schedules. Some of the women work exclusively from home, others work in the store and are able to bring their children to work with them! I applaud Stephanie for allowing her employees to do this and wish more employers were this understanding and allowed children to come to work! 
Abby’s Lane offers great products including well known cloth diapering items such as: Babykicks, Blueberry, Bottombumpers, Bungenius, FuzziBunz, Knickernappies, Swaddlebees, Thirsties and more! They also offer FREE shipping on all US orders! That’s a big plus when I order from companies so I know you all will love that! 
Stephanie from Abby’s Lane kindly sent me the Swaddlebees Newborn Simplex All in One diaper. You all know I am a huge fan of all in ones and I love that the inside of this diaper has pocket openings on both ends and the insert agitates out in the wash and can easily be tucked back in for wearing. You can also easily add inserts if you have a heavy wetter. The diaper inside is made from 100% cotton birdseye fabric and it fits babies between 6 and 16 pounds and has the important snap down feature for ensuring the umbilical cord is not covered. They also have some absolutely adorable prints! If you are looking for colors though they also have some great colors available. It is a snap diaper and does not have an aplix option. 
Laundering this diaper is rather simple. We are able to wash it with the rest of our diapers, no need to remove inserts (remember, it automatically agitates out in the wash) and it is one of the fastest drying all in ones we have. 
The fit is amazing! We started using cloth with Baby Addy when she was six days old. I was really happy that this diaper had the snap down feature so that her umbilical cord wasn’t covered. Baby Addy was about 7 lbs and 9 oz when we first put this diaper on her and it fit great! I can also see how this diaper fits up to 16 pounds too, which is important because I love getting my money’s worth when buying newborn diapers. 
Baby Addy’s umbilical cord did fall off at 8 days and I didn’t take pictures before, however, this is the diaper with the snap down. You can clearly see how the diaper is snapped away from the cord for great fit even when baby is brand new! 
This is the view from the side. It doesn’t have any leg openings for leaks and fits great all the way around! We used this diaper for 2-3 hours at a time and experienced no leaks what so ever. It worked great! 
This is the photo of the diaper with the snap up since her umbilical cord had fallen off. You can see it still fits great and there is plenty of room for her to grow as it is on the smallest snap setting around her waist. 
My Final Thoughts: We absolutely love this diaper! It fits great, has room for growing, doesn’t leak and comes in great prints! In fact, I love this diaper so much that after her wearing it and I saw how much I liked it I ordered more from Abby’s Lane! 
Win a $20 Voucher to Abby’s Lane! You can win this voucher to purchase the item(s) of your choice! Fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win! 

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  1. Little Prairie Crochet says:

    tots bots easy fit

  2. tots bots easy fit

  3. Lexi Conklin says:

    fuzzi bunz elite!

  4. I love the kissaluvs fitteds!

  5. I love Blueberry Basix

  6. I love my kissa organic fitted and Rockin Green

  7. fuzzibunz!

  8. the wide variety of wipes!

  9. MommyFerg02 says:

    I love the Fuzzibunz!

  10. i love grovias!!

  11. Colleen Kron says:


  12. Kristi Rowland says:

    Kissaluvs fitteds are the best!

  13. Grovia newborn AIO

  14. I like the mother ease swim diapers.

    jsapalio at yahoo

  15. Indian Unbleached Prefolds 🙂

  16. I love any of the baby carriers.

  17. bumgenius

  18. There are too many so here are things I love: Beco Butterfly II, Flip covers, BumGenius 4.0s, and beginning to love my Tiny Tush Elites.

    Would love to get more hemp inserts, more covers.

  19. hippiechickmom says:

    I would like to try the Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 diaper….looks cute!

  20. I love the simplex!

  21. Love BG Freetime!!

  22. Freetime!

  23. Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 🙂

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  24. CJ’s butter : )

  25. Boba!

  26. I love the ONE SIZE Blueberry Minky Pocket Diaper-Snap Closure 🙂 They are SO soft!!!

  27. Blueberry Diaper Cover!

  28. Courtney Dennis says:

    Tots Bots! 🙂

  29. I love Abby’s Lane, so it’s hard to choose! But I would have to say that the bumGenius 4.0 diapers are my favorite.

  30. Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 for my newborn

  31. I love the Little Beetle learners!

  32. gibsonfam says:

    Love so many things, but I’d love to try Pedipeds for my daughter.

  33. I love CJs butter, swaddlebees minis, and moby wraps!

  34. i <3 KL0s!

  35. Gira wraps!

  36. Blueberry Trainers

  37. Blueberry Trainers

  38. Dana Woolson says:

    Love the BG pockets, their classes and customer service!

  39. Blueberry OS bamboo! I love the diaper and the bamboo inserts!

  40. Maria Ivey says:

    Love the Disana wool soakers.

  41. slang76 says:

    I love Abby’s Lane! Love Thirsties products, Pedipeds, Planet Wise wet bags…the list goes on
    Susan L.
    slang76 at hotmail dot com

  42. Brittany H says:

    I love Rumparooz products! Especially their wetbags and pail liners.

  43. 88ama88 says:

    Sustainablebabyish and eco-posh!

  44. jdeemarie says:

    Abby’s Lane has the new Thirsties Duo AIO that I really want to try!

    Jodi J

  45. Jen and Dave Aprea says:

    I love any of the newborn diapers…Swaddlebees, lil joeys, etc 🙂

  46. I am so in love with BabyLegs right now!

  47. I love the Thirsties Duo Wrap covers!

  48. I love pockets, AIOs, and fun prints! I’ve been collecting BumGenius, Tiny Tush, and Blueberries to try out on my newest addition this summer!

  49. I like the blueberry trainers. I think I am going to buy one this week

  50. SookFern says:

    Cloth diapers!

  51. I like the Bumgenius Elemental One Size AIO-Single Diapers!

  52. I’d love to try the Disana Wool Covers they also carry. ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  53. Mrs.Smitty says:

    Ooh.. $20 towards a Wahmies Pail Liner, a Diva Cup or a few Buddha Bunz Dryer Balls would be nice!

  54. Alex Liz R. says:

    I love the blueberry diapers.

    arobinson45 (at) woh.rr.com

  55. Whitney says:

    I would love to try out a RumpARooz!

  56. simplymerry says:

    tiny tush elite!

  57. Barker's Momma says:

    Thirsties Duo All In One

    ziggy28028 at yahoo dot com

  58. Paloma7255 says:

    I love Rockin Green, and I’m running low 🙂

    Robin W

  59. Ergobaby doll carrier

  60. Eco Baby Mama Drama says:

    I love the Swaddlebees simplex one sized diapers!
    sabrina radke
    sradke1024 at gmail dot com

  61. mywildcrazyworld says:

    I love the AIO’s and AI2s
    masugr at yahoo dot com

  62. bumGenius…but would looove to try the swaddlebees

  63. Kissaluvs fitteds

  64. shelley says:

    Oh my. Thirstiest duo prefolds. Awesomeness!!

  65. JLJMommy says:

    Babykicks 3G
    Kimberlie T

  66. Abby’s Lane is great! I love the V2 Simplex!

  67. Suzanne says:

    First of all Abby’s Lane rocks and has so many wonderful items to choose from, but I love the Tiny Tush Elite diapers!

  68. Jesllee says:

    Babykicks fitteds!

  69. sarah shult says:

    I like Bumgenius Freetime One Size All In One

  70. Sarah Hull says:

    I love the Bumgenius Elemental One Size AIO-Single Diapers!

  71. i love that she carries thirsties. but also fuzzibunz and grovia

  72. Attila & Tamara says:

    I love the One Size Tiny Tush Single Diapers!

  73. The kissaluvs wool cover.

  74. The Vernon Family says:

    I only ever buy from Abby’s Lane and I love everything I have ever gotten from her. Right now I especially love my Thirsties Duo Wrap.

  75. Currently my favorite product at AbbysLane is Bumgenius!

  76. I haven’t started CDing yet but would love to try the Babykicks 3G!

  77. RebeccaMitchell says:

    I LOVE GroVia Shells! 😀

  78. The pedipeds grip and go shoes look great!
    Chelsea Wong

  79. Christina says:

    Babykicks 3g bumboo diapers.

    cmcosman at yahoo.com

  80. Robin Karasinski says:

    I like the Blueberry one size bamboo fitteds

  81. Rumparooz are my FAVORITE 🙂

  82. Michelle says:


  83. Fuzzibunz and swim diapers

  84. Julie G. says:

    I love SoftBums Echo Shell and Inserts

  85. DBUPatriotPrincess says:

    I like OS diapers, but I haven’t gotten to try any of those brands.

  86. Christine M Tubbytelly says:

    Beco baby carrier

  87. Bridgett says:

    Would like to try the new bg free time diaper

  88. I love the Ergo and that they offer a 30 day trial period.

  89. Jacob and Amy says:

    I love the diaper sprayer they have

  90. Leslie- Three Fab Mommies says:

    Grovia MyChoice Trainers

  91. sustaniablebabyish sloomb obf diaper is my fav!

  92. Jen Crum says:

    I want some of her nursing pads!

  93. I love, love, love the sea pearls I just purchased. They only had them available in teeny when I bought them, but I love them so much, I will be purchasing the other sizes when they come in stock!!!!

  94. boyzrule says:

    I love anything BumGenius

    debnmike moretti
    dmoretti1967 at yahoo dot com

  95. Sustainablebabyish Organic Bamboo Fleece Fitteds

  96. Shaky Mommy says:

    I love the Beco.

  97. Katie S says:

    There is so much to choose from, but I love the Ergo Baby carrier! I wish I could have one in a Petunia Pickle Bottom print!

    katiekstewart at gmail dot com

  98. Tessa424 says:

    BG elementals

  99. I LOVE the blueberry one size diapers!

  100. Cristin says:

    would love to try this diaper!

  101. Rebecca O says:

    I would love to get some Thirsties Duo covers!
    bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  102. Tiffany says:

    I love the Hearts & Flowers baby legs.

  103. ONE SIZE Blueberry Deluxe Bamboo in Giraffe with Snaps

  104. Mx6Princess says:

    Thirsties Fab Fitted! The only diaper that keeps my LO dry at night 🙂

  105. I like the tots bots.

  106. Rhe Christine says:

    I love the Abby’s lane microfiber inserts!

  107. I like the Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size diapers.

  108. I love BG 4.0 pockets.

  109. Brittany @ The Pistachio Project says:

    Love GroVia!

  110. Nicki's Diaper Reviews says:


  111. Bumgenius 4.0!!!

  112. GroVia AI2

  113. Kelmomola says:

    I love the diapers for dolls!

  114. I love the Ergo Carrier!

  115. Bumgenius Freetime One Size All In One

  116. RebeccaL says:

    I love the Thirsties Duo AIO diaper!!! Love the idea of the diapers for dolls, too! 🙂

  117. Felicia R says:

    NB BumGenius!

  118. aus_chick says:

    blueberry pockets

  119. alisha323 says:

    Swaddlebees AIOs

  120. I love the look of the ONE SIZE Babykicks 3G Bumboo Pocket.

    ayakers (at) gmail (dot) com

  121. Moby wrap

  122. scootin monkey says:

    Love kissaluvs fitteds!

  123. I like the baby carriers! especially the Boba!

  124. I’d love to try the EcoPosh OS Fitted.
    tvpg at aol dot com

  125. Kiersten W says:

    I’ve had my eye on the Thirsties AIOs, and they’re finally on sale!

  126. Blueberry Coveralls!

  127. Shannon Stubbs says:

    I want any of the newborn diapers. I can’t make up my mind. The swaddlebees and lil joeys are so cute, but tots bots prints are adorable!

  128. I like that she carries Grovia diapers.

  129. momoftrainlover says:

    One Size Rumparooz

  130. momoftrainlover says:

    One Size Runparooz

  131. graceInk says:

    I love Bottombumpers AIO’s!!

    Carolyn H
    graceink at yahoo dot com

  132. grovia aio

  133. mindee butcher says:

    tot bot easy fit os

  134. Diddlepoyner says:

    I would try the Rumparooz

  135. Love, love the blueberry basix!
    beth.rees333 at gmail dot com

  136. I love the BabyHawk Mei Tai carriers.

  137. daivabaum says:

    GroVia My Choice Trainer

  138. carlaboo11 says:

    i love thirsties diapers

  139. Lily Magnolia says:

    I love the swaddlebees!

  140. Christine Jessamine says:

    i love the cjs butter products!

    christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

  141. newday11 says:

    Very informative post!! Thanks for sharing!

  142. Thirsties, Boba, everything!!

  143. Britney says:

    I love all the bumgenius products!

  144. latanya says:

    Mother- ease Swim Diapers

  145. kcrowgirl says:

    Its all about the swaddlebees!

  146. kelly jeanie says:

    GroVia – I just placed an order today to try out the new snap-in liners, can’t wait to get them!

  147. All Natural Katie says:

    I would love to try the Wool Wash Bar

  148. We love Thirsties!

  149. sirentattoo says:

    love the blueberry’s
    Dagmar B.
    sirentattoo at hotmail.com

  150. myricksl6 says:

    We would love to try the Disana wool soakers!
    (Sara M)

  151. tanya904 says:

    i love the Babyhawk Mei Tei Carrier
    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

  152. all thirsties products

  153. I love the Gro Via products.

  154. andyandsheila says:

    We LOVE Bummis covers and swim diapers

  155. Breanne says:

    Babyhawk Mei Tei Carrier

  156. I like Fuzzibunz one size diapers.

  157. Mercedes says:

    I like everything the carry, pretty much, but if I had to pick one, it’d be the Girasol Woven Wraps

  158. Melissa says:

    I love the bumGenius Elemental AIOs!

    huntermb3 at gmail dot com

  159. Brooke T says:

    Aden and Anais Organic Muslin Swaddle Blanket

  160. HCeallaigh says:

    thirsties hemp inserts!

  161. J to the Ill says:

    Great review, thank you!

  162. email subscriber at bethany333 at hotmail dot com
    beth.rees333 at gmail dot com

  163. allison says:

    baby carrier rental

  164. erinb80 says:

    I love the BG 4.0s, Blueberry deluxe pockets, and my new Babyhawk mei tai from Abby’s Lane.

  165. Christina G says:

    Thirsties products!!

  166. Heather says:

    The Thirsties Duo covers are the best!

  167. Andrea G. says:

    I really love the baby cool BabyLegs! (entered the giveaway as Andrea Grupe).

  168. Andrea G. says:

    By the way, my email address is andrea_grupe at yahoo dot com

  169. GreenKat says:

    I love the Rockin Green detergent.

  170. Fiddlin' Dandi says:

    I like the Fuzzibunz Elite

  171. I love it all!! The thirsties sale is about to make me happy happy 🙂

  172. Melissa says:

    Abby’s Lane is one of my favorite stores – love their free shipping! 🙂 I think my favorite product is the Flip diaper cover – so versatile, and a great fit on my chunky-thighed daughter. 🙂

  173. I love our Planet Wise pail liners.

  174. I’m totally obsessed with Swaddlebees!!

  175. I love the Thirsties Duo AIO!

  176. lovesclothdiapers2012 says:

    The thirsties brand!!! I live their fab doublers!!! And the booty luster spray!

  177. Ergo Organic

  178. Cori and Ben says:

    We love the bumgenius 4.0s!

  179. Love the Thirsties Duo Wrap covers!

  180. Rumperooz!

  181. GoodnessGraces says:

    I love Baby No Bugs BabyLegs

  182. love that they carry ergo’s!

    es1237 at gmail dot com

  183. Laura B. says:

    Thirsties duo wraps & hemp prefolds, Flip covers, bottombumpers OS, and snappi’s.

  184. I would choose a Softbums Omni One Size Pocket Diaper

  185. Ridwanah Alladin says:

    Blueberry One Size Coveralls

  186. I like the Soft bums omni one size pocket diaper too

  187. BrandyAnderson says:

    I love BumGenius products! 🙂

  188. .:karen:. says:

    We need a new swim diaper for our almost 1 year old so I’d probably get a Mother-ease one to try. Really like the look of those! Thanks! But everything there is addicting and they’re local to me! 😀 blondredhead at mac dot com

  189. Covers for the new little one on the way, probably Thirsties.

  190. Love her GroVia stuff – shells and trainers.

  191. Dana Woolson says:

    Thirsties duo wraps

  192. Danielle www.clothdiapertales.com says:

    I always love FuzziBunz!

  193. blessdmomof4 says:

    I love the amber teething necklaces. I’m wanting to try one to see if they really work. I have heard such great things about them!

  194. NatureMom says:

    LOVE Wooly Bottoms!

  195. I love our thirsties covers but woul like to try a swaddlebees on our new arrival due in july

  196. Sarah E. says:

    stretch bamboozle fitted

  197. The Daughertys says:

    Thirsties Duo Wraps!

  198. Michelle D says:

    LOVE THE Sloomb soakers!

  199. allisonm.hunt says:

    I love flip covers!

  200. Boise Wiebers says:

    I like Rockin Green.

  201. Love Bumgenius 4.0, and excited to try out the new Tiny Tush 2.0 Elite!

  202. We are just about to start into our cloth diapering adventures with our first little one due at the end of the month. So far we’re planning on trying the Thristies covers with prefolds for when he’s tiny, but we’d love to try a few other options.

  203. Arimenthe says:

    I just tried bum genius 4.0’s and I am shocked at how absorbent they are! Although I’m still a fan of prefolds or fitted diapers with thirsties covers. Never a leak with the thirsties covers.

  204. Maria D. @ DownrightDomesticity says:

    I love their Joey-Bunz premium inserts! I’m actually very likely going to be visiting Abby’s Lane soon and getting some. 😀 Thanks for the giveaway!
    maria.the.uncommon at gmail dot com

  205. So many things look wonderful; I haven’t used any of these products yet, so I can’t say I LOVE them (I am expecting my first in Sept!) but I’d love to try any of the cloth diapers, and the Pedipeds are cute.

  206. Jessica Greene says:

    I love the new Thirsties AIOs!

  207. Elizabeth B says:

    I like their Goodnight Pad with two liners

    elannbe at gmail


  209. Love Bum Genius 4.0!

  210. shaybelle19 says:

    I love the os Blueberry Deluxe Pocket diapers

  211. lindsey_bunton says:

    I love all the cloth diapers, of course…but I also love that Abby’s Lane carries Pedipeds!

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