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Yala Designs ~ All For Love Valentine’s Event Sponsor Spotlight

Welcome to the first of our sponsor spotlights for the All for Love Valentine’s Event! I am so excited about this prize package and the sponsors and I am thrilled that I can finally start revealing the details! This event will take place from February 1 – 7 so be sure to come back and enter to win a fabulous prize package worth over $300! 
My package will feature items for mom and dad! I know I do a lot of baby related packages and giveaways…but being that this is for Valentine’s Day we are going to feature a wonderful package for mom and dad! 
First of all, isn’t this logo just adorable? I am in love with it! 🙂  Yala Designs is our first sponsor for this event! Wait til you hear all about this company and what they are offering to the winner! You will be incredibly excited! Yala Designs was started by two exploring English teachers who lived and worked in China in the late 80’s. In their journeys they slept in all kinds of surroundings on beds without sheets, or mattresses and even on the grass a few times. Because of these circumstances they encountered, they stitched together a few sheets to provide a clean and comforting liner for wherever they found themselves sleeping. Those sheets were the beginning of what has now become their family company, Yala Designs. 
Yala Designs has many items available including clothing (for men, women, toddlers and babies), jewelry and bath and bedding products. They offer eco-friendly bamboo and organic items. This review, I am proud to say, is going to focus on their bedding products! One of my goals this year is to switch all of our bedding to eco-friendly bedding. Yala Designs was incredibly kind in sending me two sets of their Bamboo Dreams® pillowcases and a Bamboo Dreams® crib sheet for review. I have wanted to try bamboo bedding for a long while now, but I didn’t realize how incredible it would be until I received my package from Yala Designs. 
As soon as I opened the pillowcases I was in love. We were sent the chocolate and natural colors. The incredible soft feel of these pillowcases had me melting! I wanted to rush them to my bed and put them on my pillows and go straight to bed! There are no anti-wrinkling agents or chemicals on these pillowcases so you can feel comfortable in laying your head on them every night. The bamboo is organically grown in sustainably managed forests and they use only low impact dyes. One feature I love about these pillowcases, besides the soft feel and the fact that they are chemical free, is that each pillowcase has kind of like a flap that allows you to tuck the pillow in on the end. Most pillowcases I have used just allow the pillow to slide in and you can see the pillow from the open end of the pillowcase. These actually have a feature that allows you to tuck the pillow into the case so that all you see if the pillowcase itself and the color. I love that! These pillowcases are available in eight different colors and offer an incredibly soft and peaceful place to lay your head! I highly recommend these for the ultimate sleeping environment! What a treat it will be to sleep on a bed full of Bamboo Dreams® sheets! We will definitely be getting some of these! 
The crib sheet from Yala Designs is something that I wanted to get for our little boy. Now that we have one for him, we will absolutely be getting another one for our baby girl arriving in a few weeks (and hopefully a few extra!). It is on our list of items we are saving for and definitely worth the splurge for us – my one wish though? I wish they had the crib sheet in pink! This sheet does come in three super friendly baby colors though:  green tea, natural and rain (a light blue). The sheet fits LA’s toddler bed mattress perfectly. It is the same mattress he used in the crib. The fit is snug and perfect for little ones. It is not loose or dangerous in any way that I can see. I am a bit jealous of the little guy for getting a bamboo sheet! 🙂 I am sure he is enjoying the softness and comfort though and that makes this mama happy because I know that it’s eco-friendly and free of chemicals too! These Bamboo Dreams® crib sheets are made of incredibly soft and snuggly 100% Viscose Bamboo fabric. It is organically grown in sustainably managed forests and uses no finishing agents and low impact dyes. Perfect for knowing your baby is sleeping on something safe so you can be at peace while they are comfortable in bed! 
My Final Thoughts: I am in love. Seriously – these are the most amazing pillowcases I have ever used and I love, love, love letting my little boy sleep on a bamboo sheet! I will be saving to get a full set of sheets for our bed as well as another crib sheet for our baby girl. These are amazing sheets that everyone should pamper themselves with! I highly recommend splurging and getting yourself a set of sheets – you will not regret it! 
Purchase Bamboo Dreams® Sheets: Visit Yala Designs and make your purchase today just in time for Valentine’s Day and having the perfect sheets to share with your darling husband! Or even to spoil yourself! You can use coupon code MAMA20 until March 1 for a wonderfully generous discount! Thank you Yala Designs!

Win Them: Are you ready to hear about what Yala Designs is offering in our All for Love Valentine’s Day Event prize package? They are offering the incredibly lucky winner a set of Bamboo Dreams® Sheets in the winner’s choice of size and color! This is a $200+ value!! Be sure to come back starting February 1 to enter for your chance to win the wonderful Valentine’s prize package for you and your significant other! 🙂 

Thank you so much to Yala Designs for sponsoring us in this event! It’s been a true pleasure reviewing your items and I cannot wait to get more of your Bamboo Dreams® Collection! 

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