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What’s On My Mind Monday ~ My Big Boy!

We did it! We transitioned LA into his big boy room! He is now sleeping in his big boy bed. Yesterday’s nap was the first time. It was a struggle at first, but daddy and I both stayed in the room with him until he stayed in bed and fell asleep. He napped for 2.5 hours. When I went to check in on him, he was half off of the bed, but still asleep. Last night, we did the same thing. We sat with him until he fell asleep. He didn’t even get up much and it only took maybe 30 minutes for him to fall asleep. He slept in his big boy bed all night! I heard him shortly after 6am and I went into his room. His legs were off of the bed, the top of his body was on the bed so I moved him back onto the bed and he went back to sleep and slept til almost 8am. WOW! I am shocked that so far it seems to be going to well. Last month he finally gave up his morning bottle. Yes, we let him have a morning bottle til he was 17 months old. When we were out of town for the holiday we just didn’t give him one. He was so preoccupied with family and different things to do/look at that he never looked back. Bottle was gone and he was fine. Although I know these are good things in preparation for baby Addy, I am almost sad that my little boy is growing up! Next it’s potty training and no more cloth diapers. That will be sad too! It’s that balance that we as mothers have to adjust to ~ being happy that they are growing and developing, but being sad that they are no longer our cuddly little babies. I know there is a possibility that he will regress once baby Addy arrives, but I am glad we’ve gotten off to a good start!

What was the hardest for you when it came to your little ones growing up? 

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