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Smartipants #ClothDiaper Review

Cloth diapering is something I truly enjoy. I don’t do it 24/7 because I do work full time and with LA in daycare (they don’t use cloth at daycare) it’s difficult to get enough diaper laundry to do every two days if I am not at home using cloth all the time. I love, love, love the days I get to use cloth though! I recently got to try Smartipants cloth diapers for LA and I had heard so many great things that I was thrilled for this opportunity to try them myself! 
Smartipants diapers were created by a mom of four that was always looking for ways to be economical – something most of us can relate to! Smartipants is committed to making cloth diapering easy AND affordable. They are dedicated to being 100% green, environmentally friendly, economical, and determined to keep their diapers made in the USA by mothers! Great company, don’t you think? 

We were sent a Smartipants one size diaper to review. These diapers fit baby from 7-35 pounds. LA is about 25 pounds and it fit him great. Their diapers feature a Leak-Guard Technology, which keeps moisture contained while keeping baby dry! They are also made of breathable fibers and are of course free of chemicals! This diaper is very affordably priced at just $14.95 and comes with one Polyester-Nylon blend insert. The pocket shell opens on both ends and therefore, you do not need to remove the insert when wet. You can simply put the diaper in the washer and it will agitate out in the wash.  It is a snap closure diaper.

We tried this diaper for both nap time and day time playtime. It worked great in both instances. He did take one nap that was rather long for him (3.5 hours) and we did have a small leak. His regular naps though (2-2.5 hrs) were perfectly fine, no leaks. I am rather confident had I used two inserts for that longer nap we would have been fine. Laundering this diaper is very simple. It fits right in with all the other diapers when we do laundry. There was very little prepping the diaper. I love that it has an opening in the front and the back of the shell so the insert can agitate out in the wash. That makes it even easier to just toss in and go!

You can see there is one row of snaps for the closure. The snaps will even overlap if you have a smaller baby, that’s a great feature!

The leg fit is great as well. There are no openings and the diaper did not leave marks around his legs! Big plus since we’ve had this problem lately with other diapers.

Another front view when he’s up and playing. You can see the diaper does fit really well!

The back fits well also. It is a pretty trim diaper, with only one insert in it. Even with two it’s not super fluffy.

Overall opinion: We really like this diaper.The fit is great, laundering is easy and the closure is simple to use! The price is very affordable at just $14.95. My only wish is that they had natural inserts available, like organic cotton, bamboo or even hemp. Overall, we were very pleased with this diaper.

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