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Skoy Cloth ~ Green Resolutions Giveaway Hop Sponsor Spotlight

When I started making green changes last year, Skoy cloths were one of the first new green products that I tried and loved!  
These take the place of paper towels in so many situations. Skoy cloths are 100% biodegradable, reusable, compostable, earth saving and even look super cool!
Skoy cloths were created by two stay at home moms who wanted to make a difference when they realized how many paper towels were being used for cleaning and then ended up in landfills. When I first made the change, I really noticed how much I used paper towels before to clean. I was shocked! I absolutely love using Skoy and find that they work much better than paper towels when cleaning. They don’t fall apart or rip. They are strong and get the job done! They have an absorption rate of 15 times their weight! One Skoy cloth is the equivalent of 15 rolls of paper towels! Think about how much money you can save! They are washable and reusable – does it get any better than that? We use equivalent for cleaning everything! We use them for cleaning the bathroom sink, the shower, the bath tub, the kitchen sinks and the kitchen counter tops! These cloths really are my best friend when I am cleaning! I think these should be required for all homes to use during cleaning, that’s how much I love them!
Outside of being green and saving all of the paper towels from the landfills, Skoy cloths were tested with composting and it was found that they completely broke down in just FIVE weeks! They can also save you money when you see how many paper towels you won’t need to buy! 🙂 
Be sure to enter to win your own 4-pack of Skoy Cloths in the Green Resolutions Giveaway Hop between January 16 and 30th! Thank you to Skoy Cloths for sponsoring Mama on a Green Mission in this event! 
FTC Disclosure: I received the product(s) mentioned above free of charge by the company in order to conduct an honest review and they did not influence my opinion in any way. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. The thoughts, experiences, and opinions included are entirely my own and may differ from that of others. I am not liable for any issues you may incur from use of said product(s). If you have any questions you can contact me or leave a comment.

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  1. Eco Baby Mama Drama says:

    LOVE our skoy cloths, we need more!

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