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Enstrom Candies ~ All For Love Valentine’s Event Sponsor Spotlight

How can we have a Valentine’s Event without featuring some amazing candy? Today’s sponsor spotlight is on the best milk chocolate almond toffee I have ever had the pleasure of tasting and it’s from Enstrom Candies! Listen up, you’ll want to buy and win this!

Enstrom’s has been shipping their famous almond toffee worldwide since 1965! Enstrom’s is a family owned  business where every batch of their almond toffee is made by hand with the finest, freshest ingredients. They do have several retail stores in Colorado (lucky state!) and in the past 50+ years, they have added to their product line with things like toffee popcorn, truffles and gourmet chocolates. 
We were sent the 1 pound box of Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee for review.  Just looking at that picture to the left my mouth is watering! This is some of the best candy I have ever tasted. The Enstrom’s world famous almond toffee is made from fresh California almonds, sweet cream butter and pure sugar cane. It is then topped with chocolate and sprinkled with crushed almonds. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? The almond toffee is available in 1, 2, 3 or 5 pound boxes and is available in milk chocolate or dark chocolate. 
My husband and I truly enjoyed this treat! It is definitely a treat that would be the perfect gift for your Valentine! We kept it in the refrigerator and it was the perfect temperature! It came in two bars in the box, one for each of us! 🙂 (Don’t tell him I told you this, but mine lasted much longer, that’s how I could tell he loved this stuff!) I love, love, love it too, but I am more of a person to eat it a little at a time to enjoy it longer! The bar easily breaks into pieces and can be enjoyed little by little! YUM!

My final thoughts: This is the best stuff in the world and definitely worth the price. If anyone wants to buy me a new mama gift for when Addy is born, feel free to order some Enstroms! 🙂 
Purchase: You can purchase this amazing milk chocolate (or dark chocolate if you prefer) almond toffee from the Enstrom Candies website. My Fair warning to you? This stuff is highly addictive and you will want more and more! Mine is gone and I have been wanting more since I threw away the box.  🙂 
Win: Enstrom Candies is generously providing our All For Love Valentine’s winner their own one pound box of Chocolate Almond Toffee! Be sure to come back February 1 and enter to win our amazing package! 
Thank you so much to Enstrom Candies for sponsoring this event! We truly enjoyed reviewing your almond toffee and truly appreciate you sponsoring part of the winner’s package! 
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