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Diaper Buddys/Bottombumper Incredible #ClothDiaper Sale!

You’ve probably heard me mention Bottombumpers from Diaper Buddy’s a few times if you’ve been around. We absolutely love these diapers and today I want to tell you about a great sale that Patti at Diaper Buddy’s is having! All of the in stock Bottombumpers diapers are 30% off!!!! What a deal! I just ordered a couple of these for my little ones (wish I could order more!!!) and there is also flat rate shipping of $5 for orders under $50 and orders over $50 get FREE shipping (in the US)!!!

We’ve only tried the one size diapers, however, I just ordered the hook & loop sized diapers. One for LA and one for baby Addy when she finally makes her appearance in the next few weeks!! 🙂 I got Cobalt blue for LA – LOVE that color and Neon Pink for Baby Addy! I can’t wait to try these sized diapers because as much as I love the one sized Bottombumpers we got from Diapers Buddy’s I am sure we’ll love these too!

These diapers have a waterproof outer shell and are lined in certified organic cotton. The soakers have four layers of organic cotton and are topped with Bamboo Velour. I love that there is no microfiber anywhere in these diapers and they are all organic! We have slowly moved to using only organic cotton/hemp so that is another reason I love these so much! They are incredibly easy to use. They fit great and there are some great color choices and prints available!! Check out the fit:

LOVE this print – this is the back side (if you couldn’t tell! LOL) They do fit fairly trim and definitely no openings for leaks. The only time we had a leak in this diaper is when he took an extra long nap and even then it was just a slight leak.

This is another print I love!! I have a thing for giraffes so of course I love this! The front fit is great too. This particular diaper has side snaps and they work great.

Here is the side fit. You can see it goes around his legs great. We have it on the second set of snaps and it fits the waist great on this 25 pound little guy. Laundering these diapers is also super easy! The soaker just snaps in and out so no unstuffing a pocket – super easy to do! LOVE THEM!!!

Outside of this incredible Diaper Buddy’s sale until February 6, Patti has amazing customer service. She loves and believes in Bottombumpers so much herself that this is the only diaper brand she carries! Be sure to go take advantage of this incredible sale, you’ll LOVE these diapers! It really is a fabulous price on organic cotton diapers!!! Remember – enter code FB30 for your 30% discount! 

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