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Great Skincare from Bubble & Bee Organic

Bubble & Bee was started by a lady named Stephanie. The Bubble & Bee website tells the story behind this incredible store: Stephanie, who had taken advanced chemistry classes at the University of Utah early in life realized in her mid twenties that chemicals in her personal care products could be causing some of her health problems (asthma and hormonal imbalances). On her journey of finding safer products she realized that many products have hidden ingredients and it was then that she decided to make her own products. She would make her products using simple, organic ingredients in what became known as Bubble & Bee Organics. 
Bubble & Bee has a lot of incredible products that you can trust! Here is a list of some of their offerings: deodorants, lotions, shower gel, facial care products, lip balms, soaps, bath salts and hair care. Stephanie kindly sent me four items to review: the Organic Coconut & Lime Lip Balm, the Unscented 100% Organic Body Butter, the “Rude” Raspberry 100% Organic Lotion Stick and the Fresh Lavender Organic Shower Gel

The Organic Coconut & Lime Lip Balm is one of my favorites! I love this stuff! It works incredibly well and believe me when I tell you, I have REALLY USED this stuff! It’s winter here in Michigan, and although we’ve had a mild winter thus far, it has been cold. My skin, including my lips, gets incredibly dry this time of year and I apply this stuff at a minimum of 5 times a day. It has kept my lips soft and it has kept them from chapping and the best part? I love the coconut and lime combination! I highly recommend this lip balm and yes, you see to the left, it is USDA CertifiedOrganic!

The second item I was sent is the 100% organic body butter. My legs are a huge problem this time of year as well. They typically itch so bad and my scratching causes them to bleed sometimes. My arms even get dry patches on them and this body butter has been a wonderful solution to my dry skin this season. It is thick and creamy and is not greasy at all! I love this stuff!

When I tried the lotion stick, I was in love yet again. Bubble & Bee seriously has some of the most amazing products! This stick is WONDERFUL to put in your purse and carry with you for those times you need lotion when you are out and about. It’s great for my itchy, dry skin when out because it’s so easy to use!It easily applies, it’s not greasy and it does the trick! The scent is fabulous! Oh, and it has such a fun name, doesn’t it? “Rude” raspberry…AND it’s 100% organic! Thumbs up again to Bubble & Bee!

The final item I tried is the Fresh Lavender Shower Gel. I was sent the lavender scent. The shower gel is thin, but it lathers very well. Next time I think I will try the orange scent! That sounds incredible!! They even have foamer bottles available that will make your shower gel last even longer! I can’t wait to get those as well! This product is 100% natural and organic and does not contain any nasty chemicals or preservatives! My kind of stuff!!

Any complaints? My ONLY complaint about these newfound products that I love? I will be spending too much money on them. 🙂  I absolutely love them and find that they are such a treat to use! I know you’ll enjoy them, but beware….you’ll want more!! 😉

You want this stuff, don’t you?
You can purchase Bubble & Bee products through their online store. Check out all of the amazing, organic products that they offer!  You can also find a store near you that sells Bubble & Bee products! I was THRILLED to find that there is one less than 10 miles from where I live!!! WOOHOO!!! 

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