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37 Week Pregnancy Update

Wow, does that really say 37 weeks? This pregnancy sure flew by. I went to my now weekly doctor appointment the other day and I was dilated – but only to one. LOL My cervix is still high and thick but soft. That’s what the doctor said anyway. He thinks we still have a while to wait for baby Addy’s arrival! 🙂

I have been getting more and more tired and I even told my husband that I have no idea how I am going to be able to handle labor being as tired as I am. If I am exhausted, how on earth am I going to get through hours of pain and work? I’ve been having more and more contractions each day and a bit TMI – I lost part of my mucus plug today. Yuck, I know…but a sure sign she’s coming soon! (Although I know that happens within a few weeks sometimes and obviously she will be born within a few weeks since I am 37 weeks along! LOL)

My hospital bag is almost packed. LA’s room is done and he’s sleeping in it. The nursery is ready for another baby. We got the new crib mattress the other day so everything is all set there. We still need to set up the swing and get the bassinet out, but those are things that my husband can do even after she is born. It’ll only take a few minutes. The house isn’t as clean as I want it, but I am still working on that bit by bit. Hopefully I’ll get farther and farther each day before she arrives.

That’s pretty much it around here. Just tired and worried about labor and still trying to get things done little by little.

What’s your guess on the day baby Addy will arrive? She’s due February 17…my oldest son was born at 40 weeks 6 days; LA was born at 38 weeks 6 days…so what about Addy? Any guesses? 🙂 

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  1. 2-22-12….that would be a neat Birthday. 🙂

  2. My guess is 2-21!! I feel like your pregnancy has flown by! Can’t believe you will be delivering so soon.

  3. Marissa Oachs says:

    Good luck with the labor and delivery! I am at 31 weeks and am VERY tired too so I feel your pain! I am also nervous about labor even though this is not my first either! You will do great!!! 🙂

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