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Enstrom Candies ~ All For Love Valentine’s Event Sponsor Spotlight

How can we have a Valentine's Event without featuring some amazing candy? Today's sponsor spotlight is on the best milk chocolate almond toffee I have ever had the pleasure of tasting and it's from Enstrom Candies! Listen up, you'll want to buy and win this!Enstrom's has been shipping their famous almond toffee worldwide since 1965! Enstrom's is a family owned  business where every batch of their almond toffee is made by hand with the finest, … [Read more...]

1Hour Break™ 100% Natural Sedative ~ Information + GIVEAWAY!

As parents almost all of us have anxiety, tension or stress at one time or another. As a parent who is on a mission of making green changes in my life, I don't like taking over the counter medications because of what is in them. Taking those OTC drugs often can cause big health problems so I'd much rather stay away from them. 1Hour Break™ can possibly be the answer to what many of us are looking for to help with that anxiety, tension and stress! … [Read more...]

Embody Peace & Love ~ All For Love Valentine’s Event Sponsor Spotlight

Our next sponsor spotlight is Embody Peace and Love. You're going to love this company! Embody Peace and Love is a brand that was created and is designed by Thomas Hillman. Thomas grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and embraced the ideas of peace, love and flower power as a teenager. As an adult, Thomas wanted to bring back the essence of the 60s, but do so with a twist! He is doing just that with the Embody Peace and Love collection, where … [Read more...]

Diaper Buddys/Bottombumper Incredible #ClothDiaper Sale!

You've probably heard me mention Bottombumpers from Diaper Buddy's a few times if you've been around. We absolutely love these diapers and today I want to tell you about a great sale that Patti at Diaper Buddy's is having! All of the in stock Bottombumpers diapers are 30% off!!!! What a deal! I just ordered a couple of these for my little ones (wish I could order more!!!) and there is also flat rate shipping of $5 for orders under $50 and orders … [Read more...]

37 Week Pregnancy Update

Wow, does that really say 37 weeks? This pregnancy sure flew by. I went to my now weekly doctor appointment the other day and I was dilated - but only to one. LOL My cervix is still high and thick but soft. That's what the doctor said anyway. He thinks we still have a while to wait for baby Addy's arrival! :)I have been getting more and more tired and I even told my husband that I have no idea how I am going to be able to handle labor being as … [Read more...]

Breast is Best Review & GIVEAWAY! #Maternity #Nursing #Breastfeeding

I am thrilled to be bringing you another nursing item that helps us mamas by making nursing more comfortable and convenient! Breast is Best is a wonderful shop that features clothing items for nursing mamas!  As I have mentioned, I have nursed my first two children and plan on nursing this baby girl. I am thrilled to be finding that there are so many wonderful items available to make nursing easier and even fashionable with all the amazing … [Read more...]

Yala Designs ~ All For Love Valentine’s Event Sponsor Spotlight

Welcome to the first of our sponsor spotlights for the All for Love Valentine's Event! I am so excited about this prize package and the sponsors and I am thrilled that I can finally start revealing the details! This event will take place from February 1 - 7 so be sure to come back and enter to win a fabulous prize package worth over $300!  My package will feature items for mom and dad! I know I do a lot of baby related packages and … [Read more...]

CARA B Naturally Launches in Target! Soon to be in CVS! *Contest*

I hope you read my review of CARA B Naturally that I did late last year. Yes, there is finally a line of all natural, affordable skin and hair care products for ethnic babies and kids! I was thrilled when I learned about these products and even more so when I got to try them out on my son. I have been using these products since November and refuse to look back and use anything else!We regularly use four of their products for LA. With his bath, we … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday ~ Sick Baby

Sick baby, but looked like he wanted to go outside and play! He sat there forever staring outside! … [Read more...]

Some More Baby Giveaways to Enter!

Here's a list of the most recent reviews/giveaways I have completed for Sweep Tight! Please go check them out and enter to win!!!Halo Sleep Sack Review & Giveaway! Stuart Weitzman Crib Shoes Review & Giveaway! Dr. Sears' Cool Fuel Kids' Bars Review & GIVEAWAY! AppleCheeks Little Bundle Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway! Chicco's Fun Activity Nest - COMING SOON!Good luck! Come back and let me know if you are a lucky winner! … [Read more...]

My Brest Friend ~ 3-in-1 Body Pillow Review & GIVEAWAY!

My Brest Friend is an amazing company! I'm sure you've heard about them! They offer many products including nursing pillows and covers, pregnancy pillows and wedges and even burp cloths, vitamins, supplements and nipple cream. That's only to name a few. They have a wonderful company that provides us pregnant and nursing mothers with fabulous products to help in our journeys.  I was incredibly lucky to be able to review the 3-in-1 body pillow from … [Read more...]

Milk Nursingwear Review & GIVEAWAY!

Milk Nursingwear is yet another wonderful company bringing us nursing mamas some wonderful nursing wear including nursing dresses! The founder of Milk is also a mother who nursed four beautiful children. She understands what we need! When she was nursing her own daughter she was introduced to nursingwear but wanted items that were stylish, and items that she would feel good in! This was her inspiration and she has created some fabulous clothes! … [Read more...]

Momzelle Nursing Shirt Review & GIVEAWAY!

Pregnant/nursing mamas - LISTEN UP!!!   I do believe I have found THE PERFECT company for us. Momzelle is a company that offers amazing breastfeeding clothing for mamas. Christine, the founder of Momzelle was inspired to create her own nursing top in order to feel comfortable nursing in public. The shirt she created to work for her and her squirmy newborn soon became a shirt many of her friends wanted! Along with her brother, Vincent, Christine … [Read more...]

Undercover Mama Review

I nursed both of my boys and plan on nursing Miss Addy as well. I strongly believe in nursing my children and I absolutely appreciate companies who make products that allow for nursing mamas to do what we need to do easier. As I have mentioned before, I believe in nursing my baby anywhere and anytime. I am, however, very conservative and will not just nurse without being discreet about it. I don't like showing skin if I don't have to because even … [Read more...]

Training Our Dog With Milk-Bone® Dog Treats #CBias #ILoveMyK9

We absolutely love doing things with our dog so I was thrilled to work on this dog treat training shop with Milk-Bone®. If you haven't checked out the first part of this experience please do so by looking at my blog post and my Google+ album highlighting our shopping trip! We love shopping together and when we can get new things for our family dog, it's even more fun! We were anxious about teaching her tricks using the dog treats! We realized she … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – 1st Nap in Big Boy Bed

This is how he was when I went to get him up from his first nap in the big boy bed! :)  … [Read more...]

Great Skincare from Bubble & Bee Organic

Bubble & Bee was started by a lady named Stephanie. The Bubble & Bee website tells the story behind this incredible store: Stephanie, who had taken advanced chemistry classes at the University of Utah early in life realized in her mid twenties that chemicals in her personal care products could be causing some of her health problems (asthma and hormonal imbalances). On her journey of finding safer products she realized that many products have … [Read more...]

What’s On My Mind Monday ~ My Big Boy!

We did it! We transitioned LA into his big boy room! He is now sleeping in his big boy bed. Yesterday's nap was the first time. It was a struggle at first, but daddy and I both stayed in the room with him until he stayed in bed and fell asleep. He napped for 2.5 hours. When I went to check in on him, he was half off of the bed, but still asleep. Last night, we did the same thing. We sat with him until he fell asleep. He didn't even get up much … [Read more...]

Skoy Cloth ~ Green Resolutions Giveaway Hop Sponsor Spotlight

When I started making green changes last year, Skoy cloths were one of the first new green products that I tried and loved!  These take the place of paper towels in so many situations. Skoy cloths are 100% biodegradable, reusable, compostable, earth saving and even look super cool!Skoy cloths were created by two stay at home moms who wanted to make a difference when they realized how many paper towels were being used for cleaning and then ended … [Read more...]

35 Week Pregnancy Update

So, I had intended on doing a weekly post while pregnant and time has sure gotten away from me! I am 35 weeks (and one day!) now and cannot believe that in about a month we'll get to meet our precious baby girl. The time has flown by during this pregnancy and it seems like I just tested yesterday. I seriously cannot believe - THIRTY FIVE weeks? Whoa.The pregnancy itself has gone pretty well. I have had more ultrasounds this time around than I had … [Read more...]

Smartipants #ClothDiaper Review

Cloth diapering is something I truly enjoy. I don't do it 24/7 because I do work full time and with LA in daycare (they don't use cloth at daycare) it's difficult to get enough diaper laundry to do every two days if I am not at home using cloth all the time. I love, love, love the days I get to use cloth though! I recently got to try Smartipants cloth diapers for LA and I had heard so many great things that I was thrilled for this opportunity to … [Read more...]

Vera Bradley Review ~ Perfect On-The-Go Bags and Gifts!

Right before Christmas I was given the honor of reviewing a couple of items from Vera Bradley. I say honor because, if you've ever used a Vera Bradley bag you will know what I mean, these bags are AMAZING! Not only does Vera Bradley offer beautiful, eye catching bags, but they are sturdy, functional and they have many other items perfect for any occasion! This review came at the perfect time for us because we were going out of town for part of … [Read more...]