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What’s On My Mind Monday ~ Changes, Oh Changes

Changes, oh changes! Don’t you love ’em? 🙂  So, I am sure you’ve all heard about the Rafflecopter changes, right? It’s a bit different, but the changes are nice. I think I like it! I’ve also decided to make a few changes here at Mama on a Green Mission. Today, I changed to my own domain and no longer have the blogspot URL. You can still get here from that address, but my new domain is www.mamaonagreenmission.com!!  WOOHOO!! Exciting, right? I am also looking into getting a new button made for my blog! 🙂

Next change? I am seriously considering changing over to Word Press but I am SOOO SCARED to do so! I am not even sure how much I messed up by changing to my own domain, but it had to be done eventually. It will hopefully give me better opportunities and be worth it in the end! So, that’s what is on my mind today…all of the changes that need to be made to make my blog a better place! 🙂

Are you a blogger that has made these changes? How did it go for you? 

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  1. Green Lifestyle Consulting says:

    What raffle copter changes? I haven’t seen any email from them. Do you have a link to a page describing them?

    We still use blogger, but we love having our own URL. Much more professional!

  2. The Rafflecopter changes seem like a good idea. I think everyone will just have to get used to them in order to appreciate them!

    Congrats on getting your own domain. I have always been too scared to move away from my blogspot url.

  3. I am also terrified to move away from Blogger, especially with GFC being discontinued for non Blogger blogs!

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