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Kelly Wels’ Changing Diapers – The Hip Mom’s Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering Book Review

I started using cloth diapers with my son in 2010 and I wish I had Kelly Wels’ Changing Diapers book back then! When I started, I had one online friend who I got all of my information from – don’t get me wrong, she was an amazing help. There were times thought I felt I was bothering her too much and would have loved to have a book to reference. I have heard so much about how great of a reference this book is and I couldn’t wait to read it for myself. I got that chance when we were traveling over the holiday last week and we were in the car for 3 hours! This book is even more amazing than I had heard! 
This is the perfect gift for any mama thinking of cloth diapering her little one. It covers everything you can think of. Kelly goes over reasons to cloth diaper (and gives many fabulous reasons I must add), she goes over basic cloth diaper talk, and things that I wish I had realized early on like choosing the right brand and not buying all one kind in the beginning. She even covers topics like daycare, leaks, rashes, daddies and diapers and a very hot topic – laundering diapers! 
Another section that is a must read (especially in this house) is the section on dealing with stink. If you’ve been following my blog, you know we’ve had our share of stink battles in this house. I found some suggestions in this book that I am going to try. Although we don’t have many stink issues at the moment, I am always looking for ways to prevent them because when we had them, they were horrible. I also love that the back of the book offers an “Resources” section. This section lists helpful websites, gives basic information about different brands of cloth diapers, super helpful tips on what to pack in a fluffy cloth diaper bag, and a fantastic section to keep you organized when it comes to what you have and what you need. 
My Final Thoughts: I love this book. As a pregnant (tired) mama of a very active toddler I have very little time to sit down and enjoy a book these days. I love that this is a quick, easy read and I get clear understanding of the topics without having to read them multiple times. It’s not a book that you have to read from beginning to end. You can look in the table of contents and find the section you need info on and go right there. This is a MUST HAVE to new cloth diapering mamas and for mamas who have been using cloth. A reference is always nice, no matter how much experience you have, another person’s advice can always open your eyes and be helpful. 

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