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Dandelion (Pink), Earth Friendly Goods Review

Dandelion Earth-Friendly Goods is one of my favorite places for baby toys! We had a ton of their products for our little boy and now that we are having a girl, we can get their adorable Pink products! Dandelion is a division of Re-Think It, Inc, a family owned and focused company. 

Dandelion products give us parents peace of mind with their eco-conscious items for our babies to teethe on, play with and eat with! Not only that, but they are also creating a greener work place by doing things like reducing energy, providing staff with reusable drinking containers, and utilizing recycled paper products! What a great company!

Dandelion kindly sent us two items for review. The first item we received is the Pink Bunny Teething Blanket. The blanket is incredibly soft and is stitched with an adorable butterfly and flowers. The blanket is made of organic cotton fibers and the filling is soft corn fibers and another GREAT feature? It’s machine washable!! I love it when toys are earth friendly and easy on parents! 🙂 We have a different (non-pink) version of this toy from Dandelion for our little boy and he loves it! I cannot wait to let our baby girl play with this – I am sure she’ll love it too with the knotted ends and the cute bunny ears to teethe on! 🙂

The second item we were sent for review is the Flower Book. Super cute, isn’t it? The fabric is made from organic cotton and again, it’s machine washable! The book has three pages: one with a butterfly, one with two flowers, and the third has three bunnies. The pages are all filled with the crinkle material that babies love the sound of! This is another toy that I cannot wait to give to our baby girl! She’ll love it! What baby wouldn’t? 🙂

A portion of the proceeds from both of these items will go towards supporting breast cancer research. Big thumbs up for Dandelion for that as well as for their amazing organic, earth-friendly items! Both items we received have 100% recycled packaging and are printed with vegetable inks. I love a company that truly cares about the Earth, and Dandelion definitely does!

They have many other items as well, like teethers and rattles, developmental toys, tableware and totes! Also, be sure to check out Mama’s Baby Cupcakes, as we are both featuring Dandelion reviews/giveaways! She is featuring their Handcrafted line, go see what she has to say about it!

Buy Them: You can purchase your own Dandelion products from various retailers! Click to find a Dandelion Retailer near you!

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