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Christmas Gift Registries?

So, I’ve just heard that the big thing this year is a Christmas gift registry. Seriously? People are registering their CHILDREN for gifts! I am almost outraged by this. Personally, we have never bought our children many gifts for Christmas because we know our parents get them gifts and our siblings get them gifts and one of our goals is to make sure they grow up knowing that Christmas IS NOT about getting gifts. We do give them some gifts, just not a lot. Instead, we encourage them to give…and not only material things, we encourage them to give their time to help less fortunate people and others who may not be able to do things that they can help with and we use this as a guide to how they should carry themselves throughout the year.

My thing with this Christmas gift registry is that when someone registers their child, they are pretty much teaching them that gifts are to be expected. You know for your wedding or for your baby shower you will get gifts so you register for the things you need/want. But registering for a holiday? Stores are taking their greed to a whole new level by making holiday registries available. I personally will never allow my child to register for gifts for a holiday, Christmas or any other. Gifts are not to be expected but if they get them, they will be appreciated.

I also realize that everyone has different beliefs and to many, Christmas has become a holiday of getting gifts. I just hope that my children will never grow up to think that way.

What are your thoughts on registering kids for Christmas gifts?

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  1. bigguysmama says:

    Not in this lifetime would I register for my child for a gift registry. I mean, they make out lists as it is. It’s all about our “me” focused society! Blech


  2. The Jacobsen Family! says:

    I think it’s ridiculous that someone even came up with the idea, let alone that people actually do it! We are already a society of, I deserve it, I want it, I need it. Why do we continue to teach our children that this behavior is acceptable? Yikes.

  3. michelleplummer says:

    Honestly I really don’t see any difference between this and a gift list. For me this would have been so much easier. I have texted lists about ten times now to various family members wanting to know what my kids want. When in fact my kids don’t really know what they want since they don’t watch TV commercials to see new toys. I could have just gone through the toy section on Target and picked out some stuff I thought they would like and emailed the list to my family that was wanting to know. Of course I would only email after a list request was made to me.

  4. I would never register my kids either!

    We dont get our girls a ton of stuff and we get them clothes that they NEED and wrap them and they’re happy.

    My family also is good about respecting us and getting our girls things they need or they can benefit from.

    Christmas is in no way a time to expect gifts and its sad families are doing this

  5. I’ll be the odd one here. Having a registry has been great. I live in SC and all of our family is in Ohio. For both sides of the family it is their first grandbaby and they don’t see him very often. They have no idea what he likes or needs. For that matter, our family has no idea what we like or need. We don’t even get to see them for the holidays either. Our parents want to get us and our son gifts, but I dont want to assume their financial spending level either when they ask me what we want for Christmas.

    So by having a family registry, we put fun things, toys, clothes, necessities, on the list. That way someone can get us the $5 item, or a sippy cup, and someone else can get us something they like.

    Also, everything that is purchased for us is done online. If it is something we don’t like, it costs us $$ to return to amazon. So having a known wish list helps our family out. Even if it is for clothes or sippy cups

  6. Charis's Mum says:

    I agree with you. Growing up we told our parents what we wanted, but we did not get half the items we wanted. But my memories of Christmas are still wonderful. My husband’s family expects us to give them lists, which I hate. I prefer somebody to pick up on what I’m interested in and want instead of saying, “I want this and this and this and this and… Don’t forget this and this. Thanks!” It’s materialistic. This year I’m giving everyone a handmade knitted gift. I’ve put thought into what everyone would like and spent more time and energy bringing it about.

  7. HATE the idea! Yes, I have some step-nieces and nephews that live quite far away, but a quick conversation (email often) asking their mom what the kids are into these days or for suggestions is always enough to help me pick something out. More than once I’ve had their Mom told me how something I choose was really adored. And if push came to shove I’d pick out a few age appropriate books for them.

    I agree, a “registry” is a level that greed that Christmas should not get too. Like you, my hubby & I don’t buy much for our son because we know Grandma, Grandpa, Aunties & Uncles will give him many things. We want him to enjoy and appreciate what he gets.

    As for hubby and I, for years now we’ve asked family not to give us any gifts…to instead donate to our church, our local food pantry or through Heifer International.

  8. I think it is a good idea – particularly for families that are spread across the country (like us)!

    I’d love to see everyone have a “wish list” going year-round. This would allow me to choose items for whatever event is coming up.

    As it is now, I have to send a “wish list” to my in-laws & parents for The Boy. If I kept an on-going list they’d always know what he needs.

    The responsibility lies with the parents, though, to teach their children not to EXPECT everything.

  9. Wow, I haven’t heard of this trend yet. It does seem very greedy, although I guess some parents can say it just helps people who are already planning to buy presents know what to get them.

    Most other occasions that you register for (baby showers, weddings) are because you’re about to have some big life change, and people give you presents to help with that transition. A Christmas registry for kids isn’t necessary.

  10. Texas Momma says:

    I guess I’ll be another dissenting opinion…I have 2 nephews & a niece to shop for & would love to have some kind of list to shop from. Often times I’m given vague suggestions of what to get & since my children are much younger I’m not real sure what they’re talking about. I’d much rather have a list to shop from & know they’ll like what I’m getting them. I mean, I’m going to buy a gift, it might as well be something they’ll like & their mom won’t have to return. As for my kids, it would be nice to have a way for everyone to know what has been purchased by other people. I send out a list of what my kids would like (Only when requested, of course) & since all the relatives get the same list, we inevitably end up with duplicates. I’m sure they would like to know that someone’s already purchased an item so they don’t buy it, I know I would when shopping for my niece & nephews. For me, I wouldn’t even let the kids know it existed, it would just be a convenience for the adults. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  11. thanks for hosting 😉

    Gypsy x

  12. Courtney Fisk says:

    couldn’t agree more. it frustrates me beyond belief the selfishness and demanding generation we are creating by these type of things. christmas is a time to give and receive, not dictate what others will purchase for you. i really seriously could go on, but i will spare you. so not ok with this. ever.

  13. Wow, I’m shocked by all the negative comments. My family and my husband’s family request online/written/emailed lists from us for our son and ourselves. They just want to minimize their guessing and time spent out shopping.
    I personally love getting lists from people, I would rather pick something they would like to have, then give them something that goes unused. What’s greedy about this? You are buying them a gift anyway, why not pick something they would actually like to get?

  14. Some of your comments are ridiculous ! No Christmas isn’t about getting gifts , BUT didn’t Christ receive gifts when he was born?? So as Christians we give gifts just as Christ himself received them. And also if my children have earned gifts by doing good deeds and receiving good grades , why not reward them? Why ruin Christmas for a child because of the way you feel? There’s other ways to teach your children morals and how to be a great member of society . Let the kids have fun and celebrate Christmas , have a registry and get the toys they have been drooling over for months , and when they get a little older I’m sure they will understand the needy families and how to help them.

  15. Ok, I’m going to be one of the odd ones that is going to agree with the registry. I actually found this blog, looking to see if there was somewhere that has one set up.
    I understand fully people’s oppositions to it. Not long ago, I probably would have agreed 100% it’s crazy to register gifts for Christmas for children. Now I find myself in a situation where it would be convenient to have.

    I have two step children.. We only see them every second weekend, and they live in another city 2.5 hours away.

    While I had the step kids create a list for santa (brilliant we were at the time, let them send the letter straight to santa before we copied it, we’re attempting to go on memory) the list I’m sure is forever changing. If we had a registry both ourselves as well as their mother, and our respective families would be able to see a registry of anything they need and the crazy outrageous list of what they want, and what has already been purchased. Having doubles is ok, seeing that they could have the same item both here and at their mother’s, but we don’t want them to open their presents at one place and then the next day open all the same ones at the other house.

    I get the whole just send them a quick email statements, but sometimes it’s just not that easy. As she is in another relationship as well, the kids essentially have 4 families that could potentially be buying a present for them it can get a little hectic. Mine and my fiance’s families would communicate with him, and VS. on their mother’s side. Then have to wait for the information / quarries to go through the parents ( I rarely am in direct communication with her) and then relay the information back. A simple yes or no answer to do they like legos and if so do they have this set, could take a few days to relay back to the original person asking the question.

    So in the case of every growing number of blended families, a gift registry is a wonderful idea.

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