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Green Your Holidays with Celebrate Green!

Celebrate Green is a fun and exciting book that helps you create Eco-Savvy holidays, celebrations and traditions for the entire family. The authors, Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynn Colwell are a mother and daughter who teamed up to bring us fabulous ideas for making our holidays more green.

I was thrilled to receive this book in time to use it for Christmas ideas! I quickly opened it to the Christmas Traditions sections and started to read. It has some great tips for DIY Decorations with everything from tree ornaments to stockings to holiday cards and more! The book gives some great tips like using LED lights or a fireplace for holiday lighting, which are far better than incandescent and CFL’s. I am one who appreciates those thoughtful gifts that do not include trash so I love that their gift ideas include things like massages, classes or tickets to an event or gifts from the heart, like a poem or piece of artwork you have created. The book also has some great facts throughout the readings that really make you think about your habits and how you can improve your greenness!

I love that this book is an easy read and you don’t have to read from page one through the end in order. You can skip around and not be lost. You can select the holiday you want to get ideas for and go right to that section. I can’t wait to use the ideas I have found for New Year’s and Valentine’s Day! This is a fabulous book with incredible ideas for everyone! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there are ideas for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and even year round celebrations such as baby showers, graduations, green weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more! Yes, all of that in this one book! The back of the book also has a notes section for each season (the book is separated by seasons) as well as a “GreenSmart Glossary” which includes definitions of “green” words. Another favorite reference of mine in the back of this book is the website reference. They categorize each website mentioned in the book so you can easily find all of the candy and chocolate sites mentioned, or the gift sites among many other categories!

Other great things about Celebrate Green are that the book is printed on 100% recycled FSC certified paper and a portion of the proceeds from each sale benefits Treeswing and Healthy Child, Healthy World. Be sure to follow the Celebrate Green blog or the Celebrate Green website for great tips too!

My Final Thoughts: This is a definite must have for green families. It has incredible tips and facts for each month of the year and will be used for a long time to come!

Buy It! You can purchase your own Celebrate Green book where you also have the option of donating $1 to EcoLibris (which will plant one tree for your book purchase). The list price of the book is $24.95, but you can get it for $17.95!

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  1. Yay! I LOVE this book and its authors Lynn and Corey too – SO many great ideas inside. And not just for Holidays, but everyday ideas too. Super excited to see your review of this awesome resource. 🙂

  2. I don’t use plastic bags in my kids lunches, we use reusable containers as well as thermoses for their drinks

  3. melvin_and_rooster says:

    we recycle our pop cans, also i use reusable lunchbags

  4. I was just sharing with my friends my favorite green tip for the holiday season! After Christmas, I hand my kids a couple of stencils (heart, star, circle, square) and all the cards that we received in the mail. They use the stencils to cut out sections of the cards without personal messages so that we can use them as gift tags next year. I have a huge bag of them, but I can’t help myself – there’s always room for more! And that way, the cards don’t go to waste!

  5. I switched to cloth diapers for my son

  6. Reusable cloth grocery and sandwich bags!

  7. Sarah Hull says:

    My favorite green tips are to use cloth diapers, cloth wipes and to make your own cleaners!

  8. Jessica Snook says:

    My green tip is using cloth napkins instead of disposable.

  9. I limit the use of plastic by using reusuable containers and bags

  10. Carrie Phelps says:

    I truly live by the motto reuse, refuse & recycle! I am always in craft mode & try to reuse products/items instead of throwing them away. I refuse those plastic bags & I began to recycle YEARS before it was the “in” thing to do.

  11. bohohippiemom says:

    Dropped an ice cube on the floor? Don’t throw it in the sink! I throw mine in a glass jar then when it melts, use it for watering the plants! Also, when it rains, set out some buckets and use the rainwater for your garden! Lori Davis

  12. My favorite green tip is to recycle! Where I live it is very easy to do but unfortunately most people don’t do it.

  13. We recycle. Aluminum cans go to the recyclers for $$. Paper goes to the bins at the school. We recycle scrap metal too, for all the neighbors.
    I use plastic reusable containers as much as possible. We raise our own chickens for eggs and meat, and the poo is great fertilizer on our garden! They also keep bugs out of the yard, so we don’t spend $$ on chemicals. I drive into town only once or twice a week to keep from using the car too much.
    I can’t help it! I’m a treehugger!

  14. We are trying to go green as much as possible. We use reusable snack bags. We use unpaper towels. We recycle what we can. We use natural products to make homemade cleaners for just about everything at home. We use cloth diapers.
    morales_y at yahoo dot com

  15. For Christmas this year I received some handmade reusable produce bags, grocery bags and sandwich bags. In addition, we recycle/repurpose everything we can!

  16. Mandi @ Catholic Newlywed says:

    We just had a baby and are enjoying getting started using cloth diapers and wipes. They are so much easier to use than we thought they would be (and definitely not any harder than disposables). Also, making your own cleaners is much easier than it seems and much more cost effective as well! And you don’t have to worry about what chemicals are in your home and around your kids!

  17. reusable cloth grocery bags.

  18. My favorite green tip: use cloth diapers! We had to use disposable when our baby first came as she was so tiny we could not use our stash, but once she got big enough–man, what a difference in terms of cost and in terms of trash generated. All of the drawbacks to cloth diapering can be overcome once you get used to it and practice, LOL!

  19. sarah shult says:

    I like to use vinegar as a household cleaner

  20. We use baking soda and vinegar to clean almost everything and I make my own bleach without chemicals!

  21. breastfeed, cloth diaper, recycle cans/bottles

  22. My favorite green tip is to use compostable trash bags.

  23. crftyduchess says:

    We recycle & reuse what we can, we bring cloth bags when shopping

    ctymice at gmail dot com

  24. I think one green thing most people can do easily is to turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth. Also to recycle if it’s available in your area.

  25. Reduce, reuse, recycle! I often save mailing packaging for reuse if possible, otherwise I recycle it.

    huntermb3 at gmail dot com

  26. My email subscription to your blog is different than my entry address.. it’s melissahuie at gmail dot com. Thanks!

    huntermb3 at gmail dot com

  27. Use reuseable towels or washcloths instead of paper towels.

  28. we use aluminum water bottles, we bring our own bags for shopping, we recycle our papers.

  29. michelleplummer says:

    Use cloth dipes!

  30. swedenesefamily says:

    Stop buying paper towels.

    1. you already own hand towels
    2. you are going to do laundry anyway

    Christine L.

    icy_princess at msn dot com

  31. Miranda Ward says:

    I took an old washcloth and cut it into strips and soak in fabric softener and it last for more than one dryer cycle!


  32. janell wagner says:

    making your own cleaners

  33. Bani A McAfee says:

    My favorite green tip is just paying attention to labels and showing appreciation to brands that go green.

  34. Vinegar can be used for pretty much everything. Cleaning windows and floors, a bit in the laundry so it comes out extra clean, a bit in the last spin cycle and you don’t need a dryer sheet, cleans the stains off those gunky shirt colors – no need for harsh chemicals!

    Also, we recycle pretty much everything, don’t buy extra stuff so we don’t have extra packaging, compost and only use reusable bags for shopping and lunches.

  35. We recycle everything we can, especially aluminum, which we sell for the local Humane Society.


  36. Mrs. Martinet says:

    Green tip: use cloth diapers. And walk or bike instead of drive!

  37. My green tip is to recycle, recycle, recycle. I recycle more than I throw away. It’s so easy to do.


  38. To Recycle and Reuse everything I can!

  39. Mosaic317 says:

    Recycle, reuse compost, repeat

    mosaic317 at gmail dot com

  40. Recycle everything possible. Reuse, Recycle, Donate.


  41. i love to recycle! it’s easy and helps out the environment

    annae07 at aol dot com

  42. Vanessa Coker says:

    I make my own non-sud producing laundry soap. 1 bar of soap, 1 cup of borax and 1 cup of washing soda, all mixed together.
    vnsscarv [!at]gmail [!dot]com

  43. Just Jill says:

    Cloth diapers are much easier to use than many people think, as well as being cost effective. Cloth wipes are just as easy too! And I recommend trying the Diva Cup; takes a little getting used to, but no more disposables!

  44. I compost as much as possible and the family recycles and donates 90% of our clothing.


  45. sari berry says:

    Reusable shopping bags!

  46. I use a rain barrel to collect water for all my outdoor watering needs


  47. I use the dirth water from my fish tank to water my plants. Thanks for the giveaway.


  48. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    make sure you use full loads in your washer and dryer so you do not waste energy
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  49. Make your own deodorant- it’s super simple (seriously I use 4 ingredients and it takes less than 2 minutes to make enough for a couple months) and works better than any natural deodorant I’ve ever bought.

  50. Christina says:

    Cloth diapering is very green! 😉

    cmcosman at yahoo.com

  51. saturdaynightfever says:

    We grow own vegetables in the backyard!


  52. we have a bottle of water in all of our toilet tanks to save water
    fb name rochelle johnson

  53. I grow a garden every year in my back yard. I water the garden with buckets of water i collect when raining! Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Homemade cleaners are green and cheap! We use vinegar to clean so many things!
    mannasweeps (at) gmail DOT com

  55. mom2girls says:

    We do allot, but a good one is that we use cloth bags – allways -keeping them in the car and my bag (a very small one) helps me to always have them on hand.

  56. kathy pease says:

    i keep my coffee grounds in a bucket and add them to my gardens

  57. missrantsypants says:

    I make my own cleaners.


  58. I use cloth diapers for my twins

  59. I cloth diaper my twins

  60. i put soda cans in the recycling bin


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