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Hip Peas – Natural Kids Hair Care Review

I was completely thrilled to come across Hip Peas' Natural Hair Care. You all have seen pictures of my 15 month old (if you are a regular follower) and you know his hair has big curls and it sticks up and out and every which way! My husband and I have been wanting to find a natural product that will keep his hair from looking like we never comb it and Hip Peas is our answer! Hip Peas was created by a mom who (like many of us) became frustrated … [Read more...]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – DVD GIVEAWAY!

If you are a Harry Potter fan you'll want to read this post and spend some time with the below widget! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is released on DVD just in time for the holidays! What a perfect gift for thos Harry Potter fans in your life or even for yourself!See that totally neat widget below? Take The Harry Potter Trivia Quiz! Are you an expert in all things Potter? Test your knowledge with this trivia quiz! Challenge your … [Read more...]

Incredibum Wetbag Review

I am thrilled to be bringing you information about a new cloth diaper company called Incredibum! Incredibum not only has cloth diapers, but they have wetbags and cloth wipes as well! I was honored when I was selected as an Incredimom Blogger so I could share with you their wonderful products! The first item I get to share with you is their wetbag! Wetbag folded over so you can see both gorgeous colors!I was sent the large Sunshine/Caterpillar … [Read more...]

Sandbox Lane – Charlie Banana Review

Sandbox Lane is a fairly new company (launched in 2011) but don't think they aren't great yet because they are new! This store is AMAZING! Sandbox Lane was started by a family shortly after their first baby was born. Their dilemma and reason for starting the store was that they couldn't find one place to get all of their needs (and wants I am sure) for eco-friendly and affordable products for their baby. In my opinion, they have succeeded in … [Read more...]

Kid Basix – The Safe Sippy 2 Review

The goal behind Kid Basix is simply to make kids' lives better. We all want our children to have better lives and one big concern I have as a parent is using plastic. There has been so much information about plastic in the past few years and we are all aware of the dangers of BPA. It took the world 25 years to listen to scientists about the dangers of BPA. Who knows what other kinds of dangerous chemicals are in plastics and why would we want to … [Read more...]

Scents I Love from Nature and Where They Take Me #SeventhGenerationScents

As many of you know, when you are pregnant your sense of smell is multiplied. There are some things I smell that truly make me feel like I am going to get sick. There are others that I can't get enough of. Scent has a powerful effect on us as humans and certain scents can help us to relax, feel less stressed and even energized. Some of my favorite scents come straight from nature!My absolute favorite scent these days is anything citrus. I love … [Read more...]

Buggy Love – Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit Review

We have often wondered what types of cleaners we could use on the stroller that would not only clean well but also be safe for our little guy. Stroller cleaners aren't something you come across on a regular basis so you can imagine my delight when I was introduced to Buggy Love, an organic stroller cleaning kit! Buggy Love is 100% natural and "the way LOVE should be." It is made for parents, by parents! We were sent the Buggy Love Organic … [Read more...]

Green Tip Tuesday – Let the Holiday Decorating Begin!

As the holidays approach, many people are getting in a festive mood by decorating their homes--both inside and out! The store displays of lights, characters, and big blow-up scenes may draw attention, but how friendly are they really, when it comes to our environment (and wallet!!)? Needing some inspiration? I’m here to help!!Nothing says fall to me like adornments that are both beautiful and smell good! Cut some fresh pine or cedar boughs to … [Read more...]

Win Your Gifts Holiday Hop – Sponsor: For Two Fitness ARV $120

This is a sticky post and will remain at the top of my blog until the end of the event. Please scroll down to see new posts. Thank you! Welcome to the "Win Your Gifts Holiday Hop" presented by Simply Stacie and Makobi Scribe! I am thrilled to be taking part in this event and to start off the holiday gift giving season with my readers and those of you who are guests to my blog! This hop begins November 3 at 9am and ends November 7 at 11:59 pm. … [Read more...]

What’s On My Mind Monday – Pregnancy and Name Announcement

So I am going on 26 weeks pregnant and lately that is all I am thinking about. I cannot wait to see our little girl! I am still in disbelief that we are having a girl but the pink shopping has been incredibly fun! I cannot believe that I am in my sixth month of this pregnancy already! Thanksgiving is right around the corner followed closely by Christmas and then it will be a super short time until we meet our baby girl.My pregnancy is going well … [Read more...]

Broody Chick Body Products Review & GIVEAWAY!

Broody Chick is a company that was created by a mother of three because she had difficulties finding earth friendly, chemical free products for her children. If you remember, I recently did a review of Broody Chick diapers and we really did like them! They worked great for us and were the perfect earth-friendly, chemical free option for using disposables. I am thrilled to be doing another review for Broody Chick - this time of their body … [Read more...]

Take the North “Poll” and Save 25% at MelissaAndDoug.com

It's that time of year that us moms are looking around at toys to get our little ones for Christmas and what better time to save a little bit of money? We love Melissa & Doug toys in this house and wanted to share with you an opportunity on voting for your favorite toy and getting a 25% off coupon! Click the image below to vote for your favorite toy and you'll receive that coupon to put towards a great Christmas gift for your little one! Happy … [Read more...]

Upcoming #ClothDiaper Event at Eco Baby Mama Drama!

I know you all love cloth diapers and so do I so I am posting to tell you about an upcoming cloth diaper event at Eco Baby Mama Drama! You won't want to miss this! She is featuring many, many cloth diaper reviews and also many GIVEAWAYS!!!! Be sure to go check out Eco Baby Mama Drama and start following her now so you don't miss the info about this event!  And by the way...you can earn early entries right now - so go quickly! I'm so excited!  … [Read more...]

SnapSac Fashionable, Reusable Totes Review

Do you love the idea of using the reusable totes at the grocery store but dislike the look of them? Well do I have a treat for you today! I love reusable totes simply because they cut down on the use of plastic bags, but I've always wanted something that looks good too.SnapSac is a new line of bags that focuses on the modern eco-friendly woman! They want to give us women something that we can accessorize with, without compromising style! Their … [Read more...]

#WinYourGifts Review & Sponsor Spotlight – For Two Fitness

For Two Fitness is an amazing fitness apparel company for women who are pregnant. The CEO of For Two Fitness was pregnant for the first time in 2010 and had a difficult time finding stylish AND comfortable maternity fitness apparel. She set out to create these stylish and comfortable fitness clothes that would celebrate an active woman's pregnancy. With that, For Two Fitness and some of the greatest fitness maternity items I have ever seen were … [Read more...]

Bambo Nature Diapers Review

It is well known that we use both cloth and disposable diapers. I started using cloth diapers for environmental reasons and when we use disposable diapers I want to be sure and use something that is environmentally friendly. I have found that in Bambo Nature diapers! Bambo Nature diapers are certified free of all dangerous chemicals and all known allergens. Not only are these diapers environmentally friendly, they are designed to avoid irritating … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Trick-or-Treat Halloween Hop! #tothop

This is a sticky post and will remain at the top of my blog until the event comes to an end. Please scroll down to read new posts! Thank you!Welcome to the Trick or Treat Halloween Hop hosted by Tales From the Nursery, Formula Mom, and Mama on a Green Misson, where you will go trick-or-treating virtually at each blog for a chance to win some totally ghoul prizes. Will they have tricks or will they have treats? You must click through the linky … [Read more...]

Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid Prize Pack Review #7thGenDishLiquid #MyBlogSpark

As a person who loves natural and organic products, Seventh Generation is one of my favorite companies! They have such a wide selection of "green" products and I recently had the honor of reviewing their Natural Dish Soaps in four varieties. Seventh Generation believes that scent is a powerful thing, after all, it can have positive effects on your mood, reduce stress and help you sleep better! Seventh Generation also knows that not all scents are … [Read more...]

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday – Pink Fluffy Goodness

This is our pink fluffy stash so far for our new baby girl! Ok, so it's not all pink...but here's what we have:4 Newborn Gro-Via Mod print3 Newborn Gro-Via Nature print1 Newborn Gro-Via in Vanilla1 gDiaper in size small (adorable flowery print!)2 Gro-Via AIO one-size in the Mod print1 Zennia Bum Genius Elemential (review from Wee Little Changes coming!)1 Best Bottoms Pink Giraffe diaper (review from Lovely Eco Chic coming soon!)1 Bottom Bumpers … [Read more...]

#Green Tip Tuesday – Preparing for the Cold!

I don’t know about you, but most of the country is heading toward winter at top speed, my neighborhood included.  As the nights get colder, I’m reminded that I need to do as much winterizing of my home as possible (since my hubby likes to save money by keeping the furnace off until we can see our breath--is it any wonder why I bake so much??).  With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, not many families can afford to do big … [Read more...]

25 Dayz of Crazy Giveaways Review & Sponsor Spotlight – Acure Organics

My amazing sponsor for the 25 Dayz of Crazy Giveaways is Acure Organics skincare products! This company impressed me when I first heard about them, but impressed me even more after using their products and reading about their mission! I am thrilled and honored to be able to tell you all about Acure Organics! The key to Acure's formulas is simplicity. Acure believes that they create the purest, natural and organic plant-based skin care products. … [Read more...]

What’s On My Mind Monday

It's Halloween! What's on my mind? I am thinking about how much I need to clean this house. I have been slacking. I really don't have much energy - still. Yes, I am almost 25 weeks pregnant so the energy should be back, but it's not. When I get some free time from LA I just want to sit, relax and I end up doing blog stuff instead of getting off of my behind and cleaning. I know I need to find a happy-medium between my blogging addiction and my … [Read more...]