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Glass Dharma – The Original Glass Straw Review

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I am always looking for more ways I can be green. Every change counts in my opinion and I was thrilled to be introduced to yet another change I could make in our home! Glass Dharma, The Original Glass Straw is the latest eco-trend as more and more people say “no thanks!” to plastic straws.

The Glass Dharma’s glass straws not only reduce the waste that shows up in our landfills, but they are known for their uniqueness, strength, and beauty! They even have a lifetime guarantee! Yes, glass straws with a lifetime guarantee – they definitely stand behind their products. With this guarantee, they promise that if your Glass Dharma straw breaks, it will be repaired or replaced. What a great guarantee!

These straws are handmade in the USA from borosilicate glass, which is the safest and strongest glass commercially available. Some GREAT facts? They are dishwasher and microwavable safe (I can’t think of why I would ever need to microwave mine, but I found that interested and the dishwasher safe – a lifesaver!). In comparison to reusable metal straws, they are much better in my opinion! First of all, I love being able to see that my straw is clean. With the metal straw you have no idea if residue is left inside from the dishwasher or from the drink you had while using it the last time. The GlassDharma straws are sparkling clean and you can SEE that. I’ve also heard of a yucky taste that comes from the metal straws, with GlassDharma no worries of that! We were sent four different straws for review and we also received the brushes for cleaning the straws.

Our favorite Glass Dharma straws are the color accented Decorative Dots straws. They are not only unique and beautiful, but they make “sipping responsibly” even more fun and colorful! All of the straws are absolutely beautiful when you look at how much detailed work had to be put into each one. The straws are very durable and I love drinking from them! I am a straw fan anyway but I rarely used them at home because of the trash problem. I knew they were unnecessary trash. With our new Glass Dharma straws I can “sip responsibly” and enjoy drinking from a straw at home! They have various lengths and diameters available that are perfect for smoothies, iced tea, small sipping and anything you care to drink from a straw! They are great for not only cold drinks, but hot as well! You can even use them with coffees or teas to prevent staining on your teeth! After my love of the Decorative Dots straws, I also love their Beautiful Bends collection which has a slight bend to “reach” for your lips. We also received cleaning brushes which made cleaning incredibly easy. The brushes do not typically come with a straw purchase but I highly recommend adding one to your order! I also tested the straws by washing them in the dishwasher and they survived unharmed! Now that’s incredibly easy cleanup! 🙂

My final thoughts: We LOVE our new straws! I highly recommend The Glass Dharma’s straws for a way to make an easy GREEN change in your home. They are not only eco-friendly, but they are beautiful straws that will allow you to enjoy your drinks even more and with the lifetime warranty you can’t go wrong!

You want some, don’t you? 

Purchase Them: You can purchase The Glass Dharma straws directly from their website or you can check for a retailer here.

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