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Boumy Shoes Review – Shoes You Want Your Children to Wear!

Shoes have always been a difficult item for me to find for my children. I just have a difficult time finding the styles I like for them without them being overly priced for the little amount of time that they will wear them. I also want to be sure they are good quality because in that “learning to walk” stage it’s important to have good shoes, and good shoes that don’t cost a small fortune! The creator of Boumy shoes learned how important it is to have room to grow in children’s shoes with lots of research and input from the medical community. Small shoes with hard soles can actually pinch and obstruct when babies and toddlers are learning to walk. They need to acquire a natural gripping ability with their feet, Boumy shoes being made of natural leather give children the feeling that they are walking around barefoot and therefore provide for this natural gripping ability. I was recently introduced to Boumy shoes and let me just say, I have fallen in love with these shoes! I cannot wait to get more not only for our little man, but for our baby girl on the way! Let me tell you why I love these shoes!

First of all, look at them! These shoes are out of this world adorable! I love the soft soled shoes for little ones and these are perfect! Boumy Shoes was started in 1998 by a mother in the Netherlands. Boumy started out as a hobby for this mother to make stylish shoes for her two little boys but it quickly turned into a successful business. The shoes are made of 100% genuine soft leather. Boumy Shoes were discovered by the international community at a trade show in Italy and they are now sold in many countries throughout the world. 
Boumy shoes are also the shoes that have been worn by all of the children in Holland’s Royal Family. As I mentioned earlier, the shoes are 100% leather and are soft soled shoes. They are incredibly stylish and easy to slip on (and stay on) your little ones’ feet. That is a big plus! There are no laces or Velcro straps for the little one to play with and un-do. I know as much as my little guy moves around, getting shoes on quickly is rather important and getting them to stay on when he’s in the stage of taking them off is another big plus! With Boumy shoes, you have all of these benefits and the style too! They have some of the cutest styles I have seen in the shoe department! Finding cute shoes for boys is a difficult thing to do. I know, I know… it’s pretty well known that boys just don’t have the cute clothing/shoes that girls have, but Boumy makes it possible for our little boys to have stylish shoes too! 
Ok, so now that we’ve discussed that these shoes are stylish, great quality leather and easy to slip on and stay on the next thing is price. As mothers, one of the big concerns to most of us is the family budget. Boumy Shoes makes it possible to have the style, the quality and the ease for our kids at an affordable price! The shoes are $32.00 for a pair, which in my opinion is a fair price for all that you get with them and it’s not breaking the bank. 
My Final Thoughts: You get it all with Boumy! I absolutely love Boumy Shoes. They have quickly become my favorite brand when it comes to my little ones and I will be a regular shopper! I highly recommend them for the style, quality, ease and affordability. Thumbs up Boumy for great shoes! 

Purchase Them: You can purchase Boumy Shoes for your little ones directly from their website. Treat your little ones’ feet with a great pair of shoes for Christmas or just because! 🙂  You won’t regret it!

FTC Disclosure: I received the product(s) mentioned above free of charge by the company or PR representative in order to conduct an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. The thoughts, experiences, and opinions included are entirely my own and may differ from that of others. I am not liable for any issues you may incur from use of said product(s). If you have any questions you can contact me or leave a comment.

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