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What’s On My Mind Monday

Well, today I am thinking about how much I wish I could be a stay at home mama. I really don’t like my son’s daycare and I would love to be able to stay home with him and with our baby girl when we have her. This has been on my mind for a while actually, but weighing heavy today.

I need to find something I can do from home to make up the difference in income we would be missing if I don’t work outside of the house. There lies my dilemma…I am not a sales person so that cuts out direct sales companies. I have tried selling crystal and candles in the past with no luck. I haven’t really done any sewing or much making of things so there is no special talent there…oh how do I wish there was some way I could make that extra money – AT HOME! 🙂  I will be pondering this for the next several months and if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them! I just wanna stay at home with my babies!

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  1. Latoya @ The Scott's Crib says:

    Hi April:) Many would classify what I do as direct sales but I would beg to differ. I simply share with everyone the love of the products I use and if they are interested they seek out the products. My blog has been an incredible marketing opportunity as well as yours would be too. If you want to know more I would be glad to talk with you more…you already have my email:)

  2. Heather Capewell says:

    How are your writing skills? Freelance writing can be quite lucrative, though I’ll admit it takes a bit of time to get used to. I was never any good at sales either.

  3. Green Lifestyle Consulting says:

    Be careful about how much you think you can do with the kids around though… With an infant you can get a lot done, but with a toddler it’s very hard to squeeze in more than an hour here or there, and if you do work after they go to bed, when does the housework get done? You have to be VERY organized. I’m not that organized, that’s why our blog has not been seeing more than one or two posts a week for the last 6 months. I know people who hire someone to watch their kids while they work from home. Could you find something part time? Or an in-home daycare you like better?

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