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Trick or Treat Sponsor Review – Sweet Earth Chocolates!

I recently had the honor of reviewing Sweet Earth Chocolates! This company and it’s products are amazing! Sweet Earth Chocolates are “organic, fair trade confections for chocolate lovers everywhere”! 
Their chocolates are made from organically grown cocoa and the cocoa used in their chocolates was produced in a way that does no social harm. 
The cocoa beans used to create Sweet Earth Chocolates comes from either the Dominican Republic, Peru or Costa Rica. These are the only countries in the world where there are farmers’ cooperatives that are certified organic and Fair Trade. They also give a portion of their profits from their chocolate bars to support the West African cooperatives in their efforts to become organic. Sweet Earth Chocolates believes that organic and fair trade go together: organic supports the soil and human health, while protecting us from chemical pollutants while fair trade promotes community health by paying the farmer the higher price. This company not only makes amazing chocolates, but they do so in a completely respectable manner that causes no harm to our beautiful earth or the people who depend on it. 
Sweet Earth Chocolates was kind enough to send a variety box of their chocolates for me to review for the Trick or Treat Halloween Event. Being pregnant, this was a very special treat! I enjoyed every piece of this chocolate (but not all in one sitting). Here’s what I did: each night (nearly every night) after I put our little guy to bed I would go get my box of Sweet Earth Chocolates and pick one or two pieces to enjoy. I would sit on the couch in the quiet and thoroughly enjoy my treat! This is some of the best chocolate I have ever had the pleasure of tasting! They sent such a wide array of samples that each night I was able to enjoy something new! Here are some of my favorites: Milk Chocolate Slochews (the BEST!!), Peppermint Cups, Almond Cluster and the Peanut Butter Cups! These chocolates were amazing and just writing this is making my mouth water and long for more Sweet Earth Chocolates!! They also sent some oh so cute Halloween chocolates, like a skull, pumpkins, a bat and a witch! I even gave one of the miniature pumpkins to LA to try and he really wanted more! He cried for more and I ended up having to put them away because a 15 month old shouldn’t have much chocolate in my opinion! That reminded me of why I kept them for my treat after his bedtime! 🙂 It’s not only the incredible taste of this chocolate that makes Sweet Earth Chocolates so great. I love knowing that they are organic and fair trade chocolates, those two things make me feel great about eating it as well! 
Sweet Earth Chocolates sells their products wholesale (if you have a store, I highly recommend adding these organic chocolates) and they have two shop locations in San Luis Obispo, California. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter. They have generously donated a mixture of their various chocolates for the winner of the Trick or Treat Halloween Hop here at Mama on a Green Mission! That is going to be one incredibly lucky winner – I hope they enjoy them as much as I did! 
Don’t forget to come back Friday to enter for your chance to win! 

Thank you so much to Sweet Earth Chocolates for sponsoring Mama on a Green Mission in this event! 

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