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Trick or Treat Sponsor Review – NuGo Nutrition!

Our next sponsor in the Trick of Treat Halloween Hop is NuGo Nutrition! NuGo’s mission is to help people make better snack choices!

They never use hydrogenated oils (trans fats) or high fructose corn syrup in their bars. They only use top quality ingredients to make their bars better tasting and the healthiest options available. They have eight product lines, so everyone is sure to find a NuGo product that they love!

We were sent two bars from their NuGo Slim line and two bars from their NuGo Organic line for review. The NuGo Slim bars we received were the Roasted Peanut Dipped in Real Dark Chocolate and the Brownie Crunch Dipped in Real Dark Chocolate. The NuGo Organic bars we received were the Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and the Double Dark Chocolate.

The NuGo Slim Bars are the newest bars in the NuGo’s great line of products. They contain no artificial sweeteners and are all natural. They are also certified gluten-free. I was really curious at what these bars would taste like because it seems most “slim” products I have tried aren’t the tastiest in the world. The slogan on the wrapper reads “Getting slim is now something you and your stomach can both agree on.” I think that’s such a cute slogan and you know what? It’s true! These bars are REALLY good! I preferred the Roasted Peanut bar more than the Brownie, but neither one tasted like “diet” bars! They each contain only 190 calories and 2 grams of sugar!

The NuGo Organic Bars are not only organic, but they are Vegan. They are the only protein bars made with REAL dark chocolate instead of chocolate flavored vegetable fat that can raise your bad cholesterol (LDL). The REAL dark chocolate in NuGo’s Organic bars is a natural antioxidant that actually has health benefits such as reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good cholesterol (HDL). Don’t you just love it when there is a good reason to eat chocolate? I absolutely loved the Double Dark Chocolate bar! The chocolate on these bars is amazing and doesn’t taste waxy like on some other bars I have tried. The Dark Chocolate Pomegranate bar that I received was tasty. It wasn’t my favorite because I am not a huge pomegranate fan, but it wasn’t bad at all! It was a good combination of fruit and chocolate tastes!

The chocolate on these bars is made of three simple ingredients: unsweetened chocolate, sugar and cocoa butter. This is the way purists believe REAL chocolate is made, as do those at NuGo Nutrition. The REAL dark chocolate gives these bars a creamy and smooth texture! These bars are great, healthy snacks to keep at work or even at home and great for eating on the go! Outside of these two lines I reviewed, NuGo also has NuGo Dark bars that are dairy free and Vegan; NuGo Free bars that are soy and dairy free and are also gluten free; Crispy Cat bars that are gluten and dairy free and certified Vegan; Smarte Carb bars that are sugar free and high in protein; and NuGo 10 bars that are gluten and peanut free and are Vegan as well. Everyone can find something to satisfy their taste at NuGo Nutrition!

Want some of your own NuGo bars? You can order them online directly from their website! You can also come back Friday and enter to win my Trick or Treat Halloween Hop prize package, as NuGo is generously giving the lucky winner a 12 pack of bars – mixed with Slim and Organic bars!

Thank you to NuGo Nutrition for sponsoring this event here at Mama on a Green Mission! We truly appreciate it! 

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