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Trick or Treat Sponsor Review – Newman’s Own Organics

Our next amazing sponsor for our Trick or Treat Halloween Hop is Newman’s Own Organics! Newman’s Own Organics was established as a division of Newman’s Own in 1993 and in 2001 became a separate company. 
Ingredients in Newman’s Own Organic products are grown on farms that have not used artificial fertilizer or pesticides for three or more years. Newman’s Own Organics is certified by Oregon Tilth. Newman’s Own Organics offers a wide range of organic snacks and we were lucky enough to try many of them! This Trick or Treat Hop has become this pregnant woman’s dream! 🙂 I have loved the snacking! 
We were sent a huge package of products to review from Newman’s Own Organics! It was a very welcome package at our house! Not only did this pregnant woman LOVE these snacks, the boys loved them too! Let me name some of the items we received: various flavored mints, pretzels, cookies, licorice, dried apricots and cranberries, more cookies and many chocolates! We didn’t have to buy snacks at our house for weeks! Newman’s Own Organics had us covered! 
Since we don’t give LA many sweet items, his favorite quickly became the dried cranberries! He loved these for snacks and wanted more and more and more! The older guys fell in love with the cookies! There was such an assortment of cookies, but their favorites were the Hint-O-Mint and the Chocolate Cremes! My personal favorites were the chocolates and the licorice! We were sent four flavors of licorice: Strawberry, Pomegranate, Black Licorice and Tangerine. I LOVED the Strawberry and Tangerine! I also love that they have a unique Pomegranate flavor! We were sent a variety of chocolates as well: Dark Chocolate, Super Dark Chocolate, Mocha Milk Chocolate, Espresso Dark Chocolate and Orange Dark Chocolate. My favorite was the orange and the regular milk chocolates! YUM! You can easily see how this package was pretty popular in our house with me being pregnant and the rest of the house being guys who love to snack! 
These items are easily paired with other things to make any party a hit! The pretzels are the perfect size for dipping and we have a garlic dip and a spinach and herb dip that they went incredibly well with! In fact, we are going to take the dip and some Newman’s Own Organic pretzels to our holiday celebrations for snacking before the big holiday meal is ready! The cookies? They go incredibly well with milk! Yum! I have a weakness for cookies and milk and these are soooooo good like that! The dried apricots and cranberries would be perfect for making a trail mix snack for parties as well! These are great snacks to include for Halloween parties, Thanksgiving treats to have around for visitors and even great for stocking stuffers! Be sure to include Newman’s Own Organics in your holiday plans this year! 
I was pleasantly surprised to see that Newman’s Own Organics offers so many snacks! I didn’t realize they had the wonderful assortment that they have! It was great getting to try everything and seeing what they have available. My husband and son always want me to get these snacks for them when grocery shopping now! They love them, I can’t blame them, as I do too! The taste of everything was wonderful and the quality never failed. They are all incredibly well made and have fabulous taste to them! It was super hard to pick our four favorites, but….
The lucky winner of our Trick or Treat Halloween Hop is going to get our four favorite items from what we tried so we had to pick! Here’s what the winner will get:
  • Newman’s Own Organic Dried Cranberries (our little guy’s favorite)
  • Newman’s Own Organic Chocolate Creme Cookies (the big guys’ favorite)
  • Newman’s Own Organic Milk Chocolate (my favorite)
  • Newman’s Own Organic Strawberry Licorice (for the baby girl I am carrying – she loved it!) 🙂 
  • Newman’s Own Organics MAY be adding a surprise as well! 
Be sure to check for a local retailer and try all of the great products we were able to try! You’ll love them!

Don’t forget to come back Friday to enter for your chance to win!

Thank you to Newman’s Own Organics for sponsoring Mama on a Green Mission during the Trick or Treat Halloween Hop! 

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