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Broody Chick Compostable Diapers and Wipes Review

You know we use cloth diapers, but you also know that we don't use them 100% of the time. When we don't use cloth diapers I prefer using brands that are better for the environment and for my baby's skin than the brands that have been around for years. I was recently introduced to Broody Chick diapers and was impressed! I'm so excited about sharing them with you! They are fully compostable and chemical, fragrance and chlorine free! Broody Chick is … [Read more...]

PeaceLoveMom – Fall Fashionista Sponsor Spotlight

Our final sponsor for the Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event is an amazing company: PeaceLoveMom. PeaceLoveMom was created by a group of moms that wanted to create a celebration of motherhood for all types of moms! What an amazing idea! Motherhood should be celebrated everyday in my opinion and PeaceLoveMom allows us to do that!  Fashion and clothing is a great way to get our message out about motherhood and this company has some amazing designs … [Read more...]

EEK-O-FRIENDLY #Green #Halloween Help – #Natural Face Paint

It's that spooktacular time of year! Many people love to dress up for Halloween parties, both adults and children! I want to share with you some Halloween tips and treats this week so today I have a recipe for natural face paints!! How great is that? Putting natural face paints on your children will feel much better than using those store bought ones that have who knows what kind of chemicals in them!?This is all you need:1 tsp cornstarch 1 1/2 … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Green Store – Review

I have found another great green store! Have you checked out The Ultimate Green Store? I am LOVING it! They are "Your one-stop green shopping destination" with products from office to baby to bath, beauty, clothing and beyond! They carry sustainable, natural, organic, recycled and eco-friendly products that are from many of the world's leading manufacturers and designers of these types of products.  They also have a wonderful wedding and baby … [Read more...]

Green Label Organic Review – Fall Fashionista Sponsor Spotlight!

Our next sponsor for the wonderful Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event is Green Label Organic. Green Label Organic is a family owned and operated business located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and their shirts are 100% organic cotton! Green Label Organic was created by George, a long-time t-shirt designer who wants to change the world, and his wife, Rain, who is an organic grower and lifetime environmentalist. Their goal is to educate … [Read more...]

Go Green Giveaway Event #greengiveaway

This is a sticky post - it will remain at the top of my blog until the end of this event - please scroll down to see new posts!Welcome to the Go Green Giveaway Event! This event begins October 5 and goes through October 11 and is hosted by Untrained Hair Mom! There are over 50 blogs participating so be sure to hop around and visit them all to enter their GREEN giveaways! Here at Mama on a Green Mission we have two sponsors: Ecover and Ecomom. … [Read more...]

Sibu Beauty Review

Today I want to tell you all about some great beauty products! Sibu Beauty products are a 100% natural line and contain USDA organic ingredients, no parabens, wheat, gluten, dairy, or yeast. The products are cruelty-free and have been awarded certification from PETA. Sibu Beauty wants to make a difference not only in our health, but for the planet as well. They have a partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council and practice fair trade … [Read more...]

Easy Steps to Making Your #Halloween EEK-O-FRIENDLY!

Halloween is just around the corner and it's such a fun time of year! Believe it or not, there are ways you can make your Halloween more green! Here are some great simple tips to being more green at Halloween time! 1) Reuse, borrow, trade or purchase used when it comes to costumes or decor.2) For a super fun project with the kids, save candy wrappers and help them turn the wrappers into purses, bracelets or picture frames. You can do a search … [Read more...]

Planet Flops Review – Fall Fashionista Sponsor

Our first sponsor in the Fall Fashionista event is Planet Flops! You know we love eco-friendly products here at Mama on a Green Mission and Planet Flops are definitely that! They are recyclable and made of 100% natural rubber! Oh, and they are SOOOOO comfy! You'll love these flip flops! Planet Flops was founded by a Beverly Hills podiatrist who loves flip flops! She searched and searched for comfortable, planet friendly flip flops and couldn't … [Read more...]

What’s On My Mind Monday #ClothDiapers

Ok, so you all know that I have made it clear that I love hook & loop diapers. Well, I have to admit that snaps are not as bad as I thought. I only used them occasionally before this past weekend. You see, I have a review diaper that I cannot wash with hook & loop so I made sure to ONLY use our snap diapers until I had a load to wash with the new review diaper. I used them all weekend and you know what? It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going … [Read more...]

CampusBookRentals.com – A Great Way for #College #Students to Save AND Be #Green!

I remember when I was in college one of the biggest expenses was when it was time to purchase text books. I know it's been a bit since I've been in college, but even back then, it was easily $300-$500 per semester. What's with everyone having to BUY their books anyway? I was so happy to learn about a place called CampusBookRentals.com! You must tell every college student in your reach about this! It's a text book rental site that has the largest … [Read more...]

Softbums #ClothDiaper Review

Softbums was created by a husband and wife team in Minnesota. Softbums prides itself on the fact that their one size diapers will fit any baby no matter how small, skinny or chubby the baby is. The owners of Softbums are the parents of four children and work hard to provide the best possible products. Softbums has two different systems available: the Echo System and the Omni System. They also have three types of inserts available so … [Read more...]

Staying Cold and Flu Free During Flu Season #lysolcoldandflu

With the weather getting cooler here in Michigan, fall is here and winter is soon behind....we are upon cold and flu season. This is the thing about this time of year that I dread. It's difficult staying cold and flu free but we have lots of ways that we try! With my husband being a 1st grade teacher and our 14 month old being in daycare around a lot of other kids, we are exposed to lots and lots of germs and viruses. How do we stay colf/flu free … [Read more...]

10 #Holiday Planning Tips

It's hard to believe the holidays are almost here already! This time of year goes by so quickly so we have to be sure to plan everything in order to not forget something. We have two families to spend time with in two different states. We have kids to organize, school breaks to figure out, holiday greeting cards to prepare, holiday pictures, holiday decorating and tons of other stuff. Here is my list of top 10 Holiday Planning Tips to easily get … [Read more...]

Go Green Giveaway Sponsor Spotlight – Ecover

Our Go Green Giveaway Event is live and our final sponsor spotlight and product review is for Ecover. Ecover's products include dishwashing, laundry, household and personal care items. They use powerful plant-based and mineral ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. Big thumbs up to Ecover!  Ecover's mission is simple: "Ecover offers efficient and sustainable solutions for the hygienic needs of people today and future generations." … [Read more...]

Aden + Anais Review

Next up on my list of Must Haves is Aden + Anais. They have some amazing products!   I have adored Aden + Anais products for some time now! I first heard about them when I was pregnant with LA in 2009. My favorite products of theirs are the sleep bags and the swaddle blankets. In my opinion, these are baby must-haves!     Aden + Anais was started by a mama from Australia who remembered her mother and grandmother's … [Read more...]

Kids Organic Review – Great #Organic Clothing for #Baby and #Kids

Kids Organic has a complete line of super stylish children's clothing that are made of 100% certified organic cotton!  When shopping for LA, I specifically look for things that are organic and I love that the clothes I've found at Kids Organic are just that! Not only are they organic though, they have various styles available that are adorable as well as comfy and functional for kids!     Knowing that the clothes are … [Read more...]

Stella Maternity Review for Mama or Baby! #Maternity Must Have!

We all know how important I think nice maternity clothes are for mamas-to-be! I was on a mission to find some great clothes when I found out I was expecting again and I came across Stella Maternity.  Trendy Maternity Clothes If you've not heard of Stella Maternity, you should read this review and then immediately go check them out! It's a great boutique for not only mama-to-be, but for baby as well!  At Stella Maternity you'll … [Read more...]

[bump] babies Review – #Maternity Must Have!

Having some nice maternity shirts is important to an expecting mama, in my opinion. I think nice clothes make us feel better about ourselves when we are pregnant and otherwise feeling bad about our bodies, or just our hormones making us feel down.  I was introduced to [bump] babies maternity shirts earlier this year and fell in love. I knew when I got pregnant again I would have to get one of their amazing shirts!  As you can see … [Read more...]