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Go Green Giveaway Sponsor Spotlight – Ecover

Our Go Green Giveaway Event is live and our final sponsor spotlight and product review is for Ecover. Ecover’s products include dishwashing, laundry, household and personal care items. They use powerful plant-based and mineral ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. Big thumbs up to Ecover! 
Ecover’s mission is simple: “Ecover offers efficient and sustainable solutions for the hygienic needs of people today and future generations.” They have been providing products that are powered by nature for 30 years! Ecover has also recently been recognized in the Kiwi Awards for best green cleaners!! 
The first of the two products we received was the Lemon & Aloe Vera Dishwashing Liquid. This product is suitable for sensitive skin and is gentle on your hands! Important around our house right now, especially with winter coming. Their dishwashing liquid is made of plant based and mineral ingredients, it is quick and completely biodegradable and is suitable for septic tanks. When I tested this product I was more than happy with it. It took a small amount of the dishwashing liquid to get the bubbles needed to clean the dishes. It cleaned effectively and they bubbles didn’t disappear soon after putting them in the water like some dishwashing liquids do. In fact, I still had bubbles AFTER the dishes were done! I typically use dishwashing liquid only for bottles, sippy cups and pans that won’t fit well in the dishwasher. This worked well for all of those items, I was thrilled with the product and with it having a very affordable cost, I will be buying more! 
The next item we reviewed was the Ultra Liquid Laundry Wash. This product too is made of plant-based and mineral ingredients. This item is also suitable for sensitive skin, works to keep your colors bright  and is compatible with HE washing machines. This product is full of environmental benefits: it has planet based ingredients, quick and complete biodegradability, no optical brighteners, no animal testing and is safe for septic tanks. As with any laundry detergent, I was opening the cap as soon as I had this in hand so I could smell it! I was a little scared when I smelled it. Not because it was a horrible scent, but it was a strong, cleaner type smell. I was still going to try it though, regardless. I tried it first on some of our clothes and then on our towels. Most importantly, it got our clothes clean! I was pleasantly surprised at the scent of the clothes when I took them out of the washer! It was NICE! I was happy and feeling good about using this detergent from that point on! 🙂 
My final thoughts: I was thrilled with the Ecover products! I love that they have plant based and mineral ingredients rather than harsh chemicals. I love that they are eco-friendly and they still work just as well, if not better, than the products we have used previously! I highly recommend Ecover products to you! 
Be sure to follow the Ecover blog for great updates and green posts! You can also find them on Facebook! 
Want your own Ecover products?
Purchase Ecover: You can purchase Ecover products from their online store or from fine retailers. 

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  1. Thank you for giving two of our Ecover ecological cleaning products a try! We are so glad that they worked as well “if not better” than your conventional products! Thanks for spreading the word … and enjoy your clean clothes and dishes!
    -Deb for Ecover

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