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Fancy Pants #ClothDiaper Review #fallfluff

The last (but certainly not least) review in our Cloth Leaves Nothing Behind event is Fancy Pants! I’m sad it’s come to an end because I love bringing you fluffy reviews! But, I’ll be sure to get some in here and there for everyone! 
Fancy Pants has some absolutely adorable minky diapers! I love the softness of minky diapers! We received the Camouflage print minky diaper for review. Again, sooooo soft – love that about this diaper! It has a single row of snaps and is a pocket diaper.  It came with two microfiber inserts and is adjustable so it will fit most babies from birth to potty training. 

The pluses about the diaper: the two inserts…I love that this diaper comes with two inserts at such an affordable price. Two inserts overnight were pretty much required around here when we used cloth overnight. I also love the minky softness and the fact that it’s an affordable ONE SIZE diaper so it’s great to use throughout your baby’s cloth diapering years. 
Now let’s talk about the fit. This is a picture of the diaper and how it fits around the leg. LA is an average size baby and the leg fit is great! There were no openings, no leaks! 
This is a bum view…yes, a fluffy bum! 🙂 This diaper isn’t as trim as some of our diapers, but it’s not as fluffy as others. I would say it’s in the middle on the fluffy scale. The bum fit is great too.
Now let me embarrass myself and tell you the mistake I made. This is a front view and I didn’t realize there was a hip snap as well. You can see I didn’t fasten the hip snaps, only the top row snaps. Me and my inexperience with snaps….be sure you use the hip snaps! LOL  The side flap of the diaper will come out from under the snaps and you will wonder why the diaper is coming off if you don’t use the hip snaps!! LOL I was happy to learn that it was something I did wrong though instead of something wrong with the diaper! After that discovery, the diaper worked great for us! We used the diaper at nap time and day time awake hours and did not have any problems. The fit is great and I love that it can adjust as LA grows. 
My only wishes for this diaper? You know I have to say it…I wish it were available in a hook and loop closure. That’s the ONLY reason this diaper is not daddy friendly in our house. I also wish they had some organic/hemp type inserts available instead of only microfiber. I love that Fancy Pants are affordable, functional, one-size diapers. These diapers are about $12.50 each and that allows for people to get many of them to get started on cloth diapering at a very affordable price! Thumbs up, Fancy Pants!
As far as laundering, super easy. We just throw it into our regular wash with all of our other diapers, nothing special outside of the regular cloth diapering laundry rules. 
Overall, this fits an average size baby wonderfully. There were no leg leaks and the waist was easily adjustable to get a great fit around the waist. Be sure to check out how it fits a skinny mini at Tales from the Nursery and how it fit s a chunky monkey at Formula Mom

Be sure to check out the Fancy Pants website and see all of the cute minky diapers – you’ll fall in love! You can purchase directly from their site! Visit them on Facebook too for company updates and information!

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