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BabyKicks #ClothDiaper Review

BabyKicks has been around since 2000 and is a family owned and operated company located in Maryland. Their diapers are “gentle on baby and gentle on the environment”. They are sold in 15 countries and are made of the best natural and organic materials! They have fitted and pocket diapers available. We were thrilled to review their BabyKicks 3g pocket diaper in orange!

When I first received the BabyKicks package I was excited to open it and check out the diaper. I was thrilled with the orange color – it’s gorgeous! I was also very pleased with the softness of the diaper. It’s incredibly soft and looked super trim! This is a one size diaper that fits from approximately 7-40 pounds! The softness is thanks to the bamboo lining (made from 30% organic cotton and 70% Rayon made from bamboo). The pocket is a front opening and it is a side snapping diaper. I know I’ve said this recently in other posts, but I am in love with side snapping diapers!

Our little guy is 15 months old and 25 pounds and this diaper fits him great! We used this diaper for nap time and day time play time and it worked great. We never had a leak. The legs fit great, the waist fits great – no complaints whatsoever from me. This diaper looks easy to stuff extra inserts in, however, we did not do this. I think it would be a great diaper to use at night with an extra hemp insert. Laundering this diaper was simple, it was the same as our other diapers so no special worries with this. It is a side snapping diaper, which in this house makes it not daddy friendly, however, I believe that side snaps are easy enough for most dads, grandparents and sitters.

One thing that surprised me about this diaper is the incredibly soft OUTSIDE. Now we hear about soft insides of diapers often, but the outside of this diaper is REALLY soft. I believe it’s the softest of any diaper we own. It is PUL but somehow they get it to be so soft! All diapers should be like this on the outside!

Let’s take a look at the fit:

The front of the diaper fits great, looks great! 
I’ve not seen this on any other diapers and I love it! These are fleece leg gussets-they stop leaks and hold messes in while allowing air flow to help prevent diaper rash. Genius, BabyKicks, genius! And, as you can see there are no openings on the legs for leaks to escape.
The back of the diaper looks great too! It is not overly fluffy, the fit is great! 
My final thoughts: This diaper has quickly moved into the category of  “one of my favorites”. I love the fit, the softness, the organic cotton/bamboo, the special fleece leg gussets and the side snaps! My one and only wish would be prints! 🙂 

Outside of the cloth diapers, BabyKicks also has some great baby accessories. They have cloth wipes, receiving blankets (that look amazing!), burp cloths and nursing pads. I am definitely going to be trying more of their products. As much as I like this diaper for our little guy, I am sure I’ll love their other products as well!

I know you want your own BabyKicks!!!
Purchase BabyKicks! You can purchase your own BabyKicks 3g like we reviewed or you can get their fitted diapers by visiting their website. You can also check out their list of Babykicks retailers.

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  1. Life With Captain Fussybuckets says:

    I love this diaper! It fits so well!

  2. I would love to try this diaper!

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