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Zookies #ClothDiaper Cover Review #fallfluff

Zookies is such an adorable shop! They not only have ready to ship waterproof diaper covers and custom made diaper covers, but they also offer burp cloths and bibs, reusable sandwich/snack bags, handmade bar soap, and crochet items!
Their diaper covers are some of the cutest fabrics I have seen! Zookies is owned and operated by a WAHM! We love those WAHM companies!! They have such a wide assortment of choices that I am sure everyone can find something they will love!

Have I mentioned that Zookies has some of the most adorable diaper covers? I have found so many patterns on their site that I just love! We were sent a one-size diaper cover in a super fun polka dot print to review. The covers are available in sized diapers from XS – L or in the one-size option. Big plus right away, it is available in hook & loop! You know we love hook & loop around here and I was so happy this cover was available in both snap or hook & loop options.

This is the front of the diaper cover we received. You can see on the right side of the picture there is a space to overlap the tabs if needed for those smaller babies! We had this snapped on the first set of snaps and it fit wonderfully. I did have to snap the snaps a few times before they would stay. The first few times I would snap them and then try to put the cover on and the snaps would come undone. This could very well be because I am not used to using fitted/covers and it was just a difference I had to adjust to. Did I mention I love the hook & loop? 🙂


This is the back of the cover when it was snapped on the first set of snaps for sizing. It has a great fit and looks so cute! I almost think I could have snapped one more size down to make it even more fitting, but this looked fine to me! The fit, to me, didn’t seem bulky at all. I felt it was pretty trim for being a fitted AND a cover. I am sure the bulkiness will vary depending on what you are using under the cover, although the cover adds almost no bulk!


This is a side view when the diaper was on the largest size setting. You can see it was a bit big, which is why we ended up using it on the first snap setting. We used this over our Rearz fitted and the two paired together worked great. We had no leaks during daytime play hours or daytime nap time. We did not use this cover overnight.

The fit around the legs was perfect! There is no room for leaking and there were no marks on LA’s legs when we removed the cover. Big plus there too!

If you are in need of some great new covers, I highly recommend working with Zookies to get the covers you want! We had a great experience with this cover. You can purchase the covers directly from their website and they range in price between $10 and $15. They are currently on vacation though, so be sure to return October 3 to place your order! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their news and their return from vacation! In the meantime, check out more experiences with the Zookies cover at Formula Mom and Tales from the Nursery.

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