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What’s On My Mind Monday

Today I have some exciting news to share!! What’s on my mind???  Our cloth diapers and ammonia. I no longer have fluffy frustrations!!!! The ammonia is gone! We finally tackled the problem! IT’S GONE!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

It was a long process but we have finally gotten rid of it. I have Eco Sprout to thank for that! The owner of Eco Sprout helped me so much! He pretty much walked me through the laundering steps via email and I followed them and here we are weeks later with very little if any ammonia smell. There are still a few diapers that have a light ammonia smell, but our beloved Bum Genius AIOs – it’s gone!!!!!

I cannot even express how excited I am when I change a diaper and do not smell that nasty ammonia smell. LA was in cloth ALL weekend!!!! I am seriously sooo excited about this! 🙂 Can you tell??? The things that get us excited when we are mamas!! HAHA! 🙂

What’s something crazy that excites you? 

Three Things Thursday - Week 2
What's On My Mind Monday


  1. Eco Baby Mama Drama says:

    Oh I am SO excited for y’all! Something that excited me over the last few days? I found out the sex of 2 of my friends babies!! :o)

  2. I’m having major leak issues so yay for you fixing the ammonia! i used the funk rock from rng and the smell was shortly gone but every since my diapers have leaked.

    i know part of it is because she’s over two years old and doesn’t want to potty train but having your child soak through a diaper after 20 minutes isn’t fun

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