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Real Nappies #ClothDiaper Review

Real Nappies is from New Zealand where they have become the leading reusable cloth diaper! In New Zealand the word nappies refers to what we here in the US refer to as diapers. Real Nappies in New Zealand would mean Real Diapers here. Real Nappies are available in four different sizes: newborn, infant, crawler and toddler. Real Nappies are prefolds with covers.

We were sent a nappy intro pack, which includes the crawler size of a cover, an insert (prefold) and a nappy liner to review. The crawler size fits babies from 17-30 pounds. The cover we received is white and has an aplix closure. Yay for aplix! 🙂 The covers are not available in snaps though, sorry all of you snap lovers! Outside of the white covers, they also have blue, red and pink covers available. The inserts are 100% breathable cotton 

Real Nappies’ liners are fully biodegradable and flushable. The liner we received worked great. We love using liners in the morning because it’s guaranteed that LA will poo in first few hours of the morning he is awake. The liner makes clean up so easy and this liner was no different. It worked well and we had no problems with the liner. 
The insert also worked well. We used this diaper for day time playtime and never experienced leaks. The cotton feels soft and was very absorbent. As I mentioned, this insert (prefold) is 100% cotton and are breathable so that baby’s skin will stay cool and comfortable. Because of past problems with prefolds overnight we did not try this diaper overnight or for nap time. 

This is not a one size cover and I think the fit is perfect! It has some room for him to grow, but it fits great now. You can see that I was able to cross the tabs with this cover for great fit. 

The back also has a great fit. I know, it’s not the best angle but some days it is super hard to get him to model the fluff! 🙂 

The fit around the legs was also great! This cover never left marks on LA’s legs and we never had leaks through the legs. 

Our final thoughts: This Real Nappies cover and prefold worked well for our daytime diapering needs. It’s easy to launder, and easy to use. If I have the prefold in the cover ready to go, even daddy will use this diaper! Although he wasn’t fond of having to put a prefold in the cover, he is an aplix-exclusive man so he didn’t mind this too much! It fits our average size baby well and has room for him to grow. It wasn’t so fitting that it left marks on my or anything. 

Want your own? You can purchase Real Nappies online, they have various packages available or you can purchase covers or inserts individually. 

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