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Pros/Cons of Getting Used Diapers #fallfluff

When you initially start building your cloth diaper stash it can seem overwhelming when you look at the cost and how many diapers you will need. I personally bought a few each month when pregnant and that helped tremendously with our stash and not having so much of an up front expense. 
Have you ever thought about getting used diapers? There are many sites that allow people to re-sell their cloth diapers and you can pick some up at a lesser price than retail! Many of the diapers are practically new, only worn a few times because not every kind of cloth diaper works for every baby so mamas will resell the ones that don’t work for them. Others are more worn and are being sold because little ones have outgrown them. There are many reasons why a mama may want to sell some of her diapers and buying used diapers has its positives as well as its negatives. 
           Here are some reasons you may want to consider buying used diapers: 
  • You can save money when buying used diapers.
  • It’s the “greener” way to cloth diaper by reusing someone else’s cloth diapers.
  • It’s easier to try many different kinds without paying a lot 
  • you can purchase discontinued diapers (like our beloved BG AIO diapers)There are also reasons you may want to consider not buying used cloth diapers:
  • You don’t “know” the buyer so you need to be cautious…you could be purchasing a diaper that has ammonia or isn’t in the best shape, you just don’t know exactly what you are getting until it’s received.
  • Used diapers may not last as long for you because they’ve already been used by someone else and the wear and tear is obviously more than a new diaper.
  • Possible build-up and laundering problems with used diapers.
  • There is no warranty from the company who made the diaper most of the time when you have purchased it from someone other than the company or a retailer.
Cloth diapering has many options and buying used diapers has helped many people start using cloth that may not have been able to. It’s helped people try new diapers and save lots of money! It isn’t for everyone, but it works for many! You can check out sites like Ebay and Diaper Swappers to see what you can find in the used cloth market! 🙂 
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