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Pretty Pushers Review

I think every mom wants something nice to wear at the hospital. However, while she’s in labor it’s more important to be comfortable. With the delivery gowns from Pretty Pushers, mamas can do both! Pretty Pushers has created fashionable and functional products specific to delivery day! 
Pretty Pushers’ labor gowns are mostly one-size fits all. They have various designs available so that everyone can find something they like! 
They have a slip on halter neck and diagonal cut back, which is very flattering but also very functional! Pretty Pushers has kept in mind that us laboring mamas need space for monitors or IVs and easy back access for the possibility of an epidural. There are also openings in the front that allow for fetal monitoring, so rest assured, you will be comfy AND the doctors and nurses will still be able to do what they need to do without your personal gown getting in the their way! 
Pretty Pushers was kind enough to send us their Organic Delivery Gown and a 2-pack of their organic postpartum underwear. The organic delivery gown is their softest gown and has no bleach or dyes and also comes with a matching headband so mamas can keep their hair out of their face and be super cute! Or…as cute as we can be during labor! 🙂 The underwear are great because as most mamas know not to take their pretty panties to the hospital to wear after labor. These underwear are perfect to take and not worry about and you can simply dispose of them after you are done with them. They are elastic free, they have a drawstring closure, an inner pocket for ice packs (GREAT feature that I know I could have used the last time and WILL use this time!). All of their products are made in the USA also! If you’d prefer a patterned gown, they have some beautiful patterned gowns available! 
I am so happy to know that I can wear this pretty, comfortable gown during labor in February. It’s MUCH, MUCH better than those hospital gowns that are more of an annoyance than anything. I am even excited about the headband that came with the gown! 🙂 I feel great knowing that when my daughter is born, she will be placed on mama and the only thing between us (if anything) will be organic material. This gown is incredibly soft, so much so that it makes me want to wear it now! 🙂 The underwear look great! I put a pair on just to see how they fit and they feel GREAT! Between the gown and the underwear, I almost can’t wait to go into labor! 
You want your own, don’t you?
Purchase your own: You can make a purchase from the Pretty Pushers website!  They have gowns, postpartum underwear, a gift set and a nursing gown available! 

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  1. Love this! I will be getting both come my time in December!

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