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Eco Sprout Review and #GIVEAWAY! #fallfluff

Since the day we began using cloth diapers I have used pretty much the same type of cloth diaper friendly detergent. (I won a bag of one other kind and used that, but other than that one small bag, I used the same brand.) I will admit I was rather nervous about trying something new especially since I was already having some ammonia issues with some of my LA's diapers. I had read about Eco Sprout and I had been interested in trying it, so what … [Read more...]

My Dreaded Topic – Diaper Stripping #fallfluff

Ok, so I have been putting this post off because I really don't like the topic. You all know that I am having ammonia issues, still not completely resolved, but slowly getting better. I am by no means an expert on this topic. Diaper stripping to me is a lot of work and I want it to work immediately, but in our case, it isn't. I have recently received some amazing advice from the owner of Eco Sprout detergent and we are closer than ever to … [Read more...]

Disney’s Spooky Buddies Release Coming September 20!

The dog days of summer may be over but the Buddies are back!  I am very excited to let you know about the newest “Buddies” DVD release Walt Disney’s Spooky Buddies hitting shelves September 20, 2011! Disney's irresistible talking Buddies are back in an all-new movie that takes them for a spooky new adventure. With the help of some unexpected new friends -- Pip, Zelda, Rodney, and Skip, the buddies must stop Warwick the Warlock and save … [Read more...]

Almost Wordless Wednesday

This was taken out the car window last weekend on our way home from my in-laws' house....not the best photo but the evening sky this time of year is just so beautiful! … [Read more...]

Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention Review and Grab a Free Sample!! #fallfluff

I am thrilled to be bringing you a review about Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention cream today! I actually ordered some of this before LA was born and it's what we have been using since he was born. It works great for us and best of all - it has been cloth diaper friendly for us (although on their site it does state it may not work well with all brands of cloth diapers)!! :) Grandma El's not only has the diaper rash remedy and … [Read more...]

Dealing with Rashes #fallfluff

Rashes can be one of the most frustrating parts of diapering a baby. Diaper rashes are typically caused by excessive moisture against the baby's skin. There are other things that can cause diaper rash as well, like introducing new foods that increase dirty diapers or a breastfeeding mother changing her diet causing increased dirty diapers, which in turn can irritate baby's skin. We all hope that our babies won't get a rash, but unfortunately it … [Read more...]

What’s On My Mind Monday #Breastfeeding

What's on my mind today? It's another baby topic! Surprise, surprise. :) I have been thinking a lot about breastfeeding our new little one in February. Of course I want to, but I keep thinking about how much I struggled with breastfeeding LA for a year. It was tough getting enough milk many of those days when I was at work. I think I mostly worry. I wonder will I struggle like that this time? Will I even make enough milk to provide well enough … [Read more...]

Rearz Sized ClothDiaper Review

Next up we have a review and GIVEAWAY of the Rearz sized diaper.  We were sent the velour fitted diaper in a size 2, which fits babies 10-38 pounds for review. It is also available in a smaller size for babies between 6 and 22 pounds. This diaper has a velour inside and outside and is one of the softest diapers we have! It has a snap closure that does cross over for great fit on smaller babies. This diaper does require a cover when … [Read more...]

Diaper Buddys/Bottombumper Review #ClothDiapers #fallfluff

Now that you've read about one sized diapers with our earlier post, let's talk specifically about a sized diaper. Diaper Buddys has sponsored today's comparison review with the wonderful Bottombumpers side snapping AIO diaper.Diaper Buddys' mission is to provide the highest quality cloth organic diapers and other environmentally friendly items. I love them already! :) They sell Bottombumpers diapers exclusively and these diapers have organic … [Read more...]

One Size Versus Sized #ClothDiapers #fallfluff

When I first started looking into cloth diapers I thought the one size diapers were genius. When we planned on having LA, I knew we were planning on having more children soon after so that meant we would have multiple babies in diapers at the same time. So, because of this one fact I thought one size diapers were the way to go! I was really excited about one size diapers, after all, they fit most babies between 7 or 8 pounds and 35 pounds! That's … [Read more...]

Costume Discounters Review – Great for Halloween!

As fast as this year is going Halloween will be here before we know it! I have wondered off and on over this past year what we would dress LA in for Halloween since last year he was too small to really enjoy it.  We are huge Winnie the Pooh fans (his nursery is done in Pooh, and even our oldest son's nursery was Pooh!) so I wanted to find something related to the characters on Pooh but didn't want to go with the typical Pooh costume. I wanted … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Pregnant Belly Then and Now

Nearly a 7 week difference - bigger this time! :)  … [Read more...]

Modern Cloth/Kissaluvs Review for the Average Size Baby #fallfluff

Today our Cloth Leaves Nothing Behind Event is featuring a comparison review of the Kissaluvs Marvel AIO diaper sponsored by Modern Cloth Diapers. Modern Cloth is a mom-owned business (go moms!) based in South Carolina. The founder's mission is simply to spread the word about how far modern cloth diapers have come. Modern Cloth sells pretty much every type of cloth diaper available today. They have a wide range to satisfy what anyone is looking … [Read more...]

What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting to #ClothDiaper #CLNB

I did a ton of research on cloth diapering when I was pregnant with LA. I think I did Google searches daily for different cloth diapering topics. I thought I had it down and even though I was scared in the beginning I felt comfortable in what I had learned and also in knowing I had a cloth diapering friend that I could ask any questions. What problems did I encounter? Well, I wish I had spent more time learning about diaper pails and storing … [Read more...]

Cool Wazoo 5-in-1 Cover Review

You know, I absolutely love doing product reviews because I find many products that I fall in love with and I get to share them with my wonderful readers. Today is no exception. We had the honor or reviewing the Cool Wazoo 5-in-1 multi-functional cover and I have absolutely fallen in love with this product! The Cool Wazoo was created out of need by a mother. I have to say that some of the most amazing products that I have reviewed were … [Read more...]

What’s On My Mind Monday

So it's Labor Day and it's COLD outside so after running some errands this morning I am sitting here thinking. Yes, it's about fluff. How appropriate though since we are in the midst of Cloth Leaves Nothing Behind. I still have fluffy frustrations. I have washed and washed and washed my diapers and used vinegar and my AIOs STILL have ammonia. I haven't been brave enough to try any of the others after noticing the ammonia on some of them. We've … [Read more...]

Baby Fresh Cleanser Recap

I'm sure you remember my recent review of Baby Fresh Cleanser. This company is part of our Cloth Leaves Nothing Behind, however, since I recently posted a review and giveaway for them I am posting a refresher this time around.  You can find full reviews from Mariah at Formula Mom and Darcy from Tales from the Nursery - along with GIVEAWAYS! I know you love to win stuff!!! Go enter!! :) We are still using our Baby Fresh Cleanser and it's … [Read more...]

Cloth Leaves Nothing Behind Amy Michelle Eco Tote Diaper Bag Review

For those of you who love handbags and diaper bags, listen up! First on the list of our Cloth Leaves Nothing Behind event are the wonderful bags of Amy Michelle! This awesome company has work, travel, school and baby bags available for your handbag addiction needs!  I have to admit that I have sort of an addiction to handbags. :) These are some amazingly stylish bags that I can't wait to get my hands on more of them! (Like maybe this one - no, … [Read more...]

Cloth Leaves Nothing Behind #Clothdiaper Event Begins Today!

Welcome to the September edition of our cloth diaper event, Cloth Leaves Nothing Behind! Our title of this event comes from a bit of a fall theme along with the wonderful fact that cloth diapers leave nothing behind in a landfill! :) I am hosting this event with two of my blogging friends, Darcy from Tales from the Nursery and Mariah from Formula Mom. We are thrilled to be bringing you this month long event and will be posting new topics and … [Read more...]