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A Must-Have for Daddy! Daddy Scrubs Review

We see so many things on blogs (mine included) for mama to be and for baby, but what about daddy? I came across a company called “Daddy Scrubs” and was so happy to find something for my husband to feel special during delivery. 
Of course, labor and delivery is all about mama and baby, we know that. However, I personally like to make my husband feel good and feel included in everything that goes on so I was thrilled to find Daddy Scrubs! Daddy Scrubs “delivers pride & comfort for new fathers”! 
I love the story behind Daddy Scrubs. They are the “offspring” of a pharmacist by the name of Robert Nickell who fathered his first four children more than 20 years ago. He remarried in 2007 and discovered that he was going to be a new daddy again in the fall of 2009. He wanted to be able to comfort his laboring wife while not having to wear uncomfortable street clothes. Robert then came up with the idea of creating doctor-like scrubs for himself to wear! He wanted to also be sure not have have confusion between “who’s the doctor” and “who’s the daddy” so the concept of “I’m the daddy” was born! Great beginning, isn’t it? 🙂 
Daddy Scrubs has not only scrubs for the new daddy, but they have expanded and also offer t-shirts (long and short sleeve), hoodies, and fabulous gift sets for the new dad in your life. Their products make great gifts too for baby showers as a way to include dad! I absolutely love this idea of having something for daddy to be! 
My darling husband loves the scrubs we were sent for review and can’t wait to wear them at the hospital! He said the scrubs make him feel like he’ll be more a part of the whole process. He has worn them around the house a few times just to make sure they are comfy and he didn’t want to take them off! He said they are perfect for wearing at the hospital so he can be comfortable. I fully expected the scrubs to be stiff when we took them out of the packaging…this was not the case at all! They are incredibly soft! He looks great in them, the fit is wonderful and I’m so happy to know that we have something that he will be comfortable in and something that will tell everyone that he’s the proud new daddy! Not only does the top say “I’m the Daddy” but the pants also say “DaddyScrubs.com”! These will for sure be in our hospital bag…if I can get them away from hubby in order to pack them! 🙂 
My final thoughts: This is the ONE must-have for daddy when planning for the hospital. I think these are the perfect gift for dad-to-be! I wish I knew someone else having a baby right now so I could give these as a gift to the daddy and I know I can’t wait to see my husband wear them when I am in labor with this little one! They are super comfy (from what my hubby has told me), they are incredibly soft and I love that the shirt is loose enough that he can put a long sleeve shirt under if need be since it will be cold when we have this baby. 
How can you get some for the special daddy in your life?
Daddy Scrubs products are sold exclusively online. Visit the Daddy Scrubs website to find and purchase the perfect gift for daddy-to-be! 

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  1. Very interesting!

    Thanks for the share

  2. Met these guys at Bebe Palooza in Austin, TX – LOVE them! Would love a pair for my hubby.

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