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Exederm Baby #Eczema Skincare Review

If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you know that LA has eczema. We haven’t had any problems with it flaring up since the weather has been warmer, but in the winter it wasn’t fun. Now that it’s getting cooler here in Michigan, I am afraid of what will happen with his skin! He has sensitive skin year round. In the cooler weather, he gets patches of eczema on his legs and arms. I had heard of and was interested in trying a product called Exederm, which is specifically formulated for those with eczema and/or sensitive skin. If you aren’t familiar with eczema, it’s an extreme dry skin condition and has been known to itch and appear as patches on your skin. Eczema is an old Greek and Latin word that means inflammation of the skin. Exederm raises the bar for hypoallergenic and sensitive skin care. They avoid common chemical irritants found in many skin care products, chemicals that can bother eczema.

We were sent the Baby Eczema Wash and Baby Eczema Lotion for review. The Baby Eczema Wash gently cleanses delicate skin, is non-drying and soap free. It is an ultra-sensitive, non-irritating cleanser that is great for children of all ages. The Baby Eczema Lotion moisturizes and smooths dry skin, soothes red, cracked or itchy skin, is ultra sensitive and non-irritating, is lightweight and great for children of all ages. Not only does the Exederm site have great information, I found some great charts available that compare Exederm to some of the “leading” skin care products used for babies. It was very interesting seeing that comparison and I encourage you to check them out. When you click to view the product, scroll down to see the comparison chart. You’ll find it interesting, trust me! 🙂 Exederm has many products available including the following: cream, lotion, oil, shampoo and the wash.

I was a little unsure of what to expect with Exederm. Primarily, I was hesitant about what it would smell like. I have smelled many skin care products and some of them are horrible and make you not even want to put them on your skin. I was pleasantly surprised with the smell. It’s, of course, not flowery smelling or anything like that, but it’s not horrible. The lotion goes on very easily and rubs in great! It’s light but still very effective! His skin has felt very soft recently after using this for the past few weeks. The bath wash does not have the exact scent of the lotion, and although I don’t love it, I can live with it because of how good it is for LA’s eczema. It has a thin consistency and is clear. We’ve used it for many baths already, but I am trying to save it for the colder weather when his eczema will most likely flair up!

Purchase Exederm: You can purchase Exederm directly from their website, on Amazon, at Buy Buy Baby, or at Target (online only), among many other retail locations. Their products are very reasonably priced between $12.99 and $14.99.

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