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#ClothDiapers – Snaps vs. Hook & Loop #fallfluff

If you’ve been around my blog for long, you know that in our house, we are HUGE hook & loop fans. I suppose we would have a different feeling if LA were a baby that took his diapers off. We have not ran into that problem and HOPEFULLY we won’t. We find hook & loop to be easier, more convenient, better fitting and quicker!

Hook & loop is the generic name for Velcro. To me, it’s the easiest kind of diaper closure there it! Not every brand has a hook & loop option. I wish they did! 🙂 The closure is very similar to that of the disposable diapers that so many people are used to seeing theses days. My DH will not use snaps. He will only use hook & loop diapers so that was what made me get so many of them in the beginning…and when I started using them I fell in love! Hook & loop diapers are also super babysitter and grandparent friendly! We honestly didn’t even have any snap diapers until several months after we started using cloth diapers. Many people do have problems with their little one being able to easily remove this type of diaper so they prefer snaps. I have also read of people having problems with their hook & loop closures wearing and not working as well but we have not had this problem either. If you cloth diaper at night and still have to change diapers in the middle of the night hook & loop is the way to go for nighttime! It’s so much easier in the middle of the night. A con with the hook & loop? If you’re not careful in securing the tabs in the washer you can end up with diapers sticking to other diapers and possibly causing damage.

Many people prefer snaps, especially if their little one likes to take their diaper off. Snaps are a bit more of a struggle for us. I feel like I am pinching LA’s sides when trying to get the right snap fit. I also don’t feel that we are able to get the best fit possible around his waist when using the snaps. It takes me longer to snap the diapers and he is not as patient when I am trying to snap his diapers because he doesn’t like sitting still very long. Snap closures will hold up longer (from what I’ve heard, but as I said earlier, we haven’t had problems yet with our hook & loop diapers) when going through all of the washes. I have noticed also that snap diapers can be $1-2 more expensive than the hook & loop closure.

If you are new to cloth diapering I would suggest getting a few of each type to try. You may THINK you’ll like one over the other, but it’s always best to actually TRY them with your little one before making that final decision.

Be sure to check out what Mariah at Formula Mom has to say about Snaps vs. Hook & Loop closures! If you already cloth diaper, which do you prefer? Snaps or hook & loop? What’s your main reason for liking the one you do? 

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  1. My husband prefers hook and loop, because it’s easier. I prefer snaps, and it’s only because if my son is in a sitting position (carseat, swing, bumbo, etc) the velcro seems to rub the little roll on his belly and make it red. I keep a few hook and loop for my husband, but as of right now, I’m selling most of my hook and loop diapers in my stash to replace them with snap diapers! 🙂

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