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#Clothdiapers and Dealing with Poo! #fallfluff

One of the things that scared disgusted me about cloth diapering was dealing with the poo in cloth. As I have mentioned before, we waited until LA was about 4 weeks old to begin cloth diapering so we haven’t dealt with those early day poos in cloth. It can be challenging, but once you get used to it, it’s just one of those things we do as parents that we don’t enjoy, but we do. It’s not a big deal. 
LA was exclusively breastfed until he was about 5 1/2 months old, when we added cereal into his diet. Breastfeeding poo is just sorta liquid-y and easy to rinse out of diapers. I have been told that you do not need to rinse breast milk poo from cloth, but we always rinsed before putting in the laundry. I would have loved to have a diaper sprayer in those days, but we didn’t. We simply rinsed the diapers in the laundry sink in our laundry room or we rinsed in the toilet. Yes, it sounds gross, but like I said earlier…it’s just something you do as a parent. I would just turn the diaper inside out and swish the inside of the diaper back and forth in the toilet to get most of the poo off. 
Once LA started eating, of course his poo started getting more solid and easier to clean. Many times, the poo will just fall off into the toilet when it’s more solid. That makes for super easy clean up and easy rinsing! 🙂 We have always made sure to rinse our poo diapers before putting them in the laundry. It’s just something I felt better doing and I feel it keeps the diapers from staining. We still have some days that poo is liquid-y and we just handle it the way the earlier poos were handled. It’s not bad. 
There have been some poo incidents that actually stained our cloth diapers. Specifically our Gro-Via organic inserts. A great friend shared with me her secret..she puts lemon juice on them and sits them in the sun. We tried that and let our inserts sit in the sun for HOURS. I mean it was like 5-6 hours and we saw a drastic improvement. We’ve done it a few times since and now you can’t even see a poo stain. The sun works wonders! The outside world is GREAT for cloth. The sun for stains, the air drying outside for ammonia and keeping fresh! 
As I said earlier, dealing with poo cloth diapers is definitely not enjoyable. Any poo diaper change is not enjoyable. As parents who use cloth for various reasons though, we just handle it. We get through it and move on and it doesn’t take long to become second nature and not seem like a problem at all. My husband even rinses poo diapers and I never thought he would. He doesn’t think twice about it either. As parents, we just take care of our kids and that includes dealing with poo! 🙂 
What’s the one thing you feared about cloth diapering and poo before you started using cloth?

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