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Exederm Baby #Eczema Skincare Review

If you've been around my blog for a while, you know that LA has eczema. We haven't had any problems with it flaring up since the weather has been warmer, but in the winter it wasn't fun. Now that it's getting cooler here in Michigan, I am afraid of what will happen with his skin! He has sensitive skin year round. In the cooler weather, he gets patches of eczema on his legs and arms. I had heard of and was interested in trying a product called … [Read more...]

Pretty Pushers Review

I think every mom wants something nice to wear at the hospital. However, while she's in labor it's more important to be comfortable. With the delivery gowns from Pretty Pushers, mamas can do both! Pretty Pushers has created fashionable and functional products specific to delivery day!    Pretty Pushers' labor gowns are mostly one-size fits all. They have various designs available so that everyone can find something they … [Read more...]

Fall Cleaning – Decluttering/Organizing All of These Toys! #Walltracks

Fall has arrived and with this new season, I am always looking to do some fall cleaning around the house! Now that our little guy is fully mobile and playing with all kinds of toys we have toys everywhere some days! We do have a specific play area for him, but why is it so hard to keep that play area clean? I want to give some tips for fall clean up and organizing of all of those kid toys I know you have around your house! 1) When my oldest … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Our Baby News!!!

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#ClothDiapers – Snaps vs. Hook & Loop #fallfluff

If you've been around my blog for long, you know that in our house, we are HUGE hook & loop fans. I suppose we would have a different feeling if LA were a baby that took his diapers off. We have not ran into that problem and HOPEFULLY we won't. We find hook & loop to be easier, more convenient, better fitting and quicker! Hook & loop is the generic name for Velcro. To me, it's the easiest kind of diaper closure there it! … [Read more...]

What’s On My Mind Monday

Today I have some exciting news to share!! What's on my mind???  Our cloth diapers and ammonia. I no longer have fluffy frustrations!!!! The ammonia is gone! We finally tackled the problem! IT'S GONE!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! It was a long process but we have finally gotten rid of it. I have Eco Sprout to thank for that! The owner of Eco Sprout helped me so much! He pretty much walked me through the laundering steps via email and I followed … [Read more...]

A Must-Have for Daddy! Daddy Scrubs Review

We see so many things on blogs (mine included) for mama to be and for baby, but what about daddy? I came across a company called "Daddy Scrubs" and was so happy to find something for my husband to feel special during delivery.  Of course, labor and delivery is all about mama and baby, we know that. However, I personally like to make my husband feel good and feel included in everything that goes on so I was thrilled to find Daddy Scrubs! … [Read more...]

Maranda Lee Designs – DISCOUNT CODE!

I will soon be doing a review for Maranda Lee Designs' bags! If you've not seen Maranda's bags, you really need to check them out! They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Maranda has so generously offered Mama on a Green Mission readers a 10% discount when you purchase from the Maranda Lee Etsy shop! In order to get your 10% discount, simply enter code "green10" (without the quotes) at checkout! Thank you so much, Maranda, for offering this discount! … [Read more...]

Real Nappies #ClothDiaper Review

Real Nappies is from New Zealand where they have become the leading reusable cloth diaper! In New Zealand the word nappies refers to what we here in the US refer to as diapers. Real Nappies in New Zealand would mean Real Diapers here. Real Nappies are available in four different sizes: newborn, infant, crawler and toddler. Real Nappies are prefolds with covers. We were sent a nappy intro pack, which includes the crawler size of a … [Read more...]

Cantaloop #Pregnancy and Nursing Tank Top Review

When I was pregnant with LA I practically lived in a nursing tank top when I was at home. After I had him, even more so! This pregnancy is no different! I am finding the nursing tank top to be one of the most comfortable things I can wear. I thought I had one brand of nursing tank that I adored and in my mind, there were none better...until now!     Cantaloop Nursing Tank Top I was excited about trying the Cantaloop … [Read more...]

Preparing for Baby – Round 2 – Greening Our Nursery

We just had our little guy last summer and we do have most of the things we need for the new baby, however, since I have become more "green" conscious there are some things we are working on to change for the new baby. We also need to transition LA out of the nursery and into his new room with a toddler bed. The whole toddler bed kind of scares me, but we'll see how he does. If we need to buy another crib, then we just have to buy another crib. I … [Read more...]

#RRoundUp Sponsor Spotlight – Rachael’s #Scentsy Shop

This week I have had the honor of working with an incredible Scentsy consultant named Rachael. Rachael is incredibly kind and this month is giving 50% of her profits from Scentsy sales to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!  This is an incredible thing that she is doing so I would love it if you help her out!  Scentsy products make a GREAT gift for the holidays, so why not start your holiday gift shopping early? Or, splurge and … [Read more...]

Mama’s Maternity/Baby Must-Haves Event Starting Tomorrow!

This pregnancy is going incredibly fast! As of today, I am 19 weeks along! ALMOST half way already! I have only gained a few pounds and when I asked about that at my last appointment, the doctor nicely told me if I gain no weight the baby will be fine. LOL  - was that his way of saying I am fat enough already? HAHA! The second trimester seems almost like the first should have. It's a bit weird. I have days that I am just exhausted. I have … [Read more...]

#Clothdiapers and Dealing with Poo! #fallfluff

One of the things that scared disgusted me about cloth diapering was dealing with the poo in cloth. As I have mentioned before, we waited until LA was about 4 weeks old to begin cloth diapering so we haven't dealt with those early day poos in cloth. It can be challenging, but once you get used to it, it's just one of those things we do as parents that we don't enjoy, but we do. It's not a big deal. LA was exclusively breastfed … [Read more...]

Little Trendstar Review

Little Trendstar is a clothing company that has "hip fashion for the mini style star". If you've not heard of them you definitely need to check out their adorable styles for your little one! Kids love pretend play and being on "stage" and Little Trendstar is dedicated to creating fashion-forward tees and onsies that will demand a second look and your kids will LOVE that! Little Trendstar understands that kids love the spotlight so … [Read more...]

Clorox 2 – Take the Pledge to Play Outside with Your Kids!

We live in Michigan so playing outside is limited to the season we are in unfortunately. We make it outside though in at least three of our seasons, if not all four! We absolutely LOVE to do outside activities or just be outside with the kids! When we get together with family my husband and I are always outside doing something with our kids, and our nieces and nephews. We believe that outside activity is a huge part of a child's life so we try to … [Read more...]

The Little Bee Co. Review #fallfluff

I have found a new diaper that I have fallen in love with. I not only LOVE this diaper, but I LOVE the company because of their kind hearts! Let me tell you a bit more about The Little Bee Company. Not only do they make AMAZING diapers at The Little Bee Company, they also DONATE a diaper to an orphan in need with the sale of EVERY diaper! Just this month, they did a diaper drop to an orphanage in Uganda where the … [Read more...]

Zookies #ClothDiaper Cover Review #fallfluff

Zookies is such an adorable shop! They not only have ready to ship waterproof diaper covers and custom made diaper covers, but they also offer burp cloths and bibs, reusable sandwich/snack bags, handmade bar soap, and crochet items!Their diaper covers are some of the cutest fabrics I have seen! Zookies is owned and operated by a WAHM! We love those WAHM companies!! They have such a wide assortment of choices that I am sure everyone can find … [Read more...]

Pros/Cons of Getting Used Diapers #fallfluff

When you initially start building your cloth diaper stash it can seem overwhelming when you look at the cost and how many diapers you will need. I personally bought a few each month when pregnant and that helped tremendously with our stash and not having so much of an up front expense.    Have you ever thought about getting used diapers? There are many sites that allow people to re-sell their cloth diapers and you can pick some up at … [Read more...]

What’s On My Mind Monday

What's on my mind today? Of course it's my kids again! :) LA has been fighting a cold since Thursday. In the spring of this year he got sick and we ended up having to give him breathing treatments. The breathing machine is a rental that the insurance covers, however, we didn't use it all summer. I asked his doctor if we could return it since we were no longer using it and they said, "no, keep it for now". I was going to take it back since I … [Read more...]

Mompact: Review and #Giveaway of Zoe b Biodegradable Beach Toys

I am thrilled to be a part of Mompact and to be bringing you a product review of a mom invented product! I am featuring the wonderful Zoe b Biodegradable Beach Toys: Toys that clean up after themselves! Zoe b Organics was founded by a mom who thinks we need to take better care of our planet for the sake of our children. I couldn't agree more, which is why I am so pleased to be telling you about Zoe b Organics! Zoe b carries not only this … [Read more...]

Make it a #GREEN #Halloween! National Costume Swap Day is October 8!

This year we got LA's first costume from a review I did of Costumer Discounters. Next year, we will be either re-using this costume for the new baby (if it will fit, but I am doubting it will) or we will be participating in National Costume Swap Day!   Have you ever stopped to think about how many costumes are bought just for a ONE time use? Most of them eventually end up in the landfill and then you have the packaging too, which ends up … [Read more...]