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IntelliGender and IntelliCeuticals Review and GIVEAWAY!

As you all know, the gender of this new addition has the curiosity in me going crazy! I've done a few of the gender prediction tests (with red cabbage and baking soda) and now I finally got to try IntelliGender! I really wanted to try this when I was pregnant with LA but I didn't, so I was thrilled to be able to try it with this little one. The waiting was really driving me nuts. If you've been reading my recent posts, you know that I was put … [Read more...]

Baby Gourmet Review

Baby Gourmet is a newer organic baby food company that has some amazing combinations! This new line of organic purees and home style meals that became available in Canada in January 2011 and will arrive in mass retailers in the USA by this September. They have stage 1 purees for 6+ months, stage 2 combos for 7+ months and stage 3 tasty textures for 8+ months. They also have a 15 month shelf life and their packaging is BPA free! The president … [Read more...]

Cabbage Gender Test

Thank you to What These Mommies Think for the suggestion and the great step by step post about the cabbage test. I went to the store at 7am this morning and got my cabbage to do this test. Oh, and I also realized yesterday (while reading the instructions to Intelligender) that I can't do it today...I have to wait at least one more day. BOO! So, in the mean time, I did this fun little test! :) When you boil the cabbage, the water is purple. So, … [Read more...]

What Do You Think? Boy or Girl?

Ok, ok..I am only 13 weeks pregnant and this little one's gender has me wondering like crazy already! :) I thought we'd have a little guessing game and tomorrow I am doing the Intelligender (with review and giveaway!) so we'll see how right we were! :) So far: I've not been as exhausted as I was with LA. I am tired, but not exhausted. I've not been needing ice cream every day like I did with LA. I've been wanting more fruit flavored … [Read more...]

Our News!

We have news to share!    It seems like I have been waiting forever to share this news and I am so excited to finally be able to share it! WE ARE EXPECTING ANOTHER BABY!!!  We are beyond excited because we wanted the babies close together and they will be 19 months apart! I know it's going to be challenging, but it will be great! I am officially 12 weeks today so I felt comfortable enough sharing our news. I did wait primarily because we … [Read more...]

Grateful Body Review and GIVEAWAY!

Today I am thrilled to be bringing you information about another great company called Grateful Body. This company is amazing! They are a natural skin care company that is 100% natural and chemical free, certified cruelty free (no animal testing) and certified vegan! Huge thumbs up to Grateful Body! I try to be very conscious of the products I put on my skin so when I was contacted to review Grateful Body's natural skin care line I was thrilled … [Read more...]

GREEN Carpet – AND That’s Not the Color!!

I am so excited first of all that we are getting new carpet! It's going to be incredibly nice and I really can't wait to walk barefoot on our new soft carpet! So, the carpet salesman came to our house yesterday with his samples and the one I liked immediately was a "GREEN" choice! I didn't know that before I liked it either! I guess in my green journey, I am automatically drawn to green things. HAHA! But seriously, I didn't even know they had … [Read more...]

My Baby is ONE!

I am very late writing this as you turned one about 2 weeks ago! We've been so busy though and I don't even know if I am going to be able to accurately express how much you are doing and how you are growing. Let me try... You've been holding onto things and walking for about two months now. Four days after your birthday you took your first steps alone! You were (of course) walking to daddy - your favorite person! You took about five steps and … [Read more...]