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Milk Diapers #LLN Sponsor Spotlight

As you all know I had plenty of milk supply issues when I was breastfeeding LA but even I needed nursing pads early on. I suggest nursing pads to every new mama because they are really something she will use until her milk supply adjusts to her baby’s needs. There are plenty of disposable nursing pads available, but we don’t want to contribute more to the trash problem, do we? 

I am so happy that there are now reusable nursing pads on the market! They are better for the environment and better for mom and baby because they aren’t made of unhealthy plastics and who knows what else! 

I was recently introduced to Milk Diapers and I cannot wait to try these with our new arrival in February! Milk Diapers were created out of need by a mother of five who had problems with milk leaking and also experienced several cases of mastitis. These nursing pads are made of 100% cotton that is untreated and subsists of organic cotton yarns. They soak in the leaks but they are still breathable to help promote healthy nipple care. Milk Diapers are contoured to naturally adjust to your shape and they do not show under knit, sweaters or even silk! How wonderful is that? 

The wonderful Milk Diapers are available in 4 or 5 layers. They also come in white, natural, cream or white lace, peachy pink or black fronts. I love the lace Milk Diapers because we mamas still need to feel feminine and there is just something about wearing lace…even if it is to absorb our leaking milk! 🙂  Milk Diapers are available in 4, 6 or 10 packs and can be washed and reused hundreds of times! They are great for the environment and great for keeping your nursing breast healthy! You can purchase you own set of Milk Diapers by visiting their website. Also, don’t forget to enter to win our Let Love Nourish Breastfeeding Event’s grand prize package for your chance to win your own 10 pack of Milk Diapers among many other great items! 
Thank you so much to Milk Diapers for their generous donation to our Let Love Nourish Breastfeeding Prize Package! 

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