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#LLN Storing Breast Milk

To go along with pumping at work I want to also discuss storing breast milk. It can seem intimidating at first to make sure all of your milk is stored properly and used within the right amount of time. Here’s a little guideline that I received with my Ameda breast pump: 
Freshly pumped breast milk

  • can last in a refrigerator for 8 days
  • can last in a refrigerator’s freezer for 3-4 months
  • can last in a deep freezer for 12 months
  • can last in a cooler pack with frozen ice packs for 24 hours
  • at room temperature it should be used within 6-10 hours (66-72 degrees F) or 4 hours (72-79 degrees F)
Previously frozen, thawed in fridge
  • can last in the refrigerator for 24 hours
  • do not refreeze
  • at room temperature it should be used within 4 hours
When I pumped at work I used a cooler pack to keep the bottles of milk in until I got home. I would typically use what I pumped at work for the next day’s bottles. In the beginning I was freezing everyday and then getting the older out of the freezer for the next day and that turned into a lot of work so I used the fresh milk for the next day unless I was short on ounces or if any of the milk was getting near expiring in the freezer.
Don’t let the storing part scare you because it’s just like everything else, once you get into the routine it’s easy peasy! 🙂

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