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#LLN Nursing in Public

I’ve heard so many expectant mamas say that nursing in public frightens them. They don’t know what to expect. They don’t know how others will view them. They don’t want others viewing them, etc. Let me start by easing your mind…nursing in public is not a scary thing! 🙂

When I had my oldest son, he would cry every time I started to eat. So, that meant if we were in a restaurant, I would have to stop and feed him. Now, in a restaurant I would not nurse him at the table (just my preference) and I would either go to the restroom if there was a sitting area or to the car to nurse him. With LA I didn’t have to nurse him much in public because my DH would encourage me to take some pumped milk if he knew we would be gone for a while. I think the idea of nursing in public bothered him a bit. I did nurse my babies (both of them) in public though and I did multiple times. You may get looks from people who just don’t understand and that’s probably because they’ve not been told about the benefits or they may not have ever been around a nursing mama. Ignore those people if they look at you strangely or even if they say something rude to you and just know that what you are doing is between you and your baby and it’s what is best!

Again, with this topic, know your rights! You can breastfeed your baby! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t nurse in public. I am not aware of any place that it is illegal (although I am not an expert). Don’t be ashamed of what you are doing, you are doing the best thing in the world for your baby and you should be proud to nurse him or her ANYWHERE!

There are plenty of cover-ups you can use to make sure you aren’t exposed. One of my favorite is the BabyBond nursing cover because it doesn’t cover up the baby. I don’t like not being able to see my baby when he is eating. I don’t like having to cover him up so he can eat. Would you like a blanket over your head when you are trying to eat? LOL, I didn’t think so! 🙂 There are many others as well, I’ve seen breastfeeding hats that you put on the baby, I’ve seen nursing covers that “tie” around your neck and cover you and baby, and I am sure there are many others. Be prepared and have something that will make you comfortable to do what you need to do whenever you need to do it! 🙂 Keep up the good work on breastfeeding mamas!

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  1. Great post.
    Lactating moms should know that some places actually have laws AGAINST nursing in public. My community (Alexandria, VA) finally changed its laws in mid-February. (I am sure the publicity provided by the Surgeon General had a lot to do with that.)

  2. All 50 states have laws saying it’s OK to nurse in public. Some go so far as to exempt nursing moms from indecent exposure laws. Most states’ laws allow a mother to nurse ANYWHERE that she’s legally allowed to be. Some go so far as to protect nursing mothers by giving them the right to take legal action against any person or business who infringes on their right to nurse in public.

    It is NOT illegal to breastfeed in public. Check your laws to know the extent to which you are protected.


  3. In Canada, our Charter of Rights and freedoms has laws that explicitly protect the “unique conditions” of a woman, which encompasses breastfeeding in public. British Columbia and Ontario are the only provinces that have specific protections for breastfeeding in public, which state that a woman can breastfeed in any public area, public being defined as “anywhere the public is invited to attend”. So the only place a woman can’t breastfeed is someone else’s private home if that owner doesn’t want her to. I breast feed in public all the time, sometimes with, sometimes without a cover. I’ve never been bothered!

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