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#LLN My List of Breastfeeding (sorta) Must-Haves

There are VERY few items that are a MUST-HAVE for breastfeeding. There are many things that make nursing a bit easier.

For my absolute MUST-HAVES list….

  • lactating breasts 🙂
  • baby
Yep, that is it. That’s all you NEED to breastfeed. You may also need these items, depending on your nursing experience:
  • nipple cream
  • nursing pads

When I was breastfeeding my first son I was a lot younger and didn’t have the resources to get many of the things that I used when I breastfed LA. My reason for saying that is that these aren’t TECHNICALLY must-haves because I breastfed my oldest for 10 months without any of this stuff, but this is my list of items that truly helped me the second time and I highly recommend to other nursing mamas! 🙂

Now you’ll notice many things I have indicated are a must have if you are working. I work full time and I pumped three times a day while at work so it was great having these items.
Now if you are on a super tight budget let me tell you how I did this without these items the first time…
I don’t even think Boppy pillows existed 15 years ago. I didn’t know about them anyway. I nursed without a pillow many times and sometimes I used a regular pillow to put under my arm on the side I was nursing on (if I was tired of holding it up). Nipple cream, I didn’t have this the first time either. Thank God, I didn’t need it that I can recall. Nursing pads – I highly recommend getting the reusable ones so you don’t have to keep buying them. However, if you cannot afford to get them you can use the thin pads you would use for your period. You can cut them down and put them in your bra. Yes, I have done this in the past. The first time around I didn’t work full time but I did have a single electric pump that didn’t work very well, but it got me by. If you work full time I do recommend a double electric pump if in anyway possible because it is so much quicker. Also, for the breast pump, check with your insurance company. We got lucky and my Ameda double electric pump was 100% covered by our insurance. As for a nursing cover, I completely nursed for 10 months the first time without one…there are plenty of receiving blankets around that work or if you feel more comfortable you can always go to a different room to nurse. Breast milk storage bags – honestly, the only way I was able to live without these the first time is the fact that I worked part time and only pumped when I was going to be working so the milk was never stored long enough to need freezing. The hands-free pumping bra is not really a MUST HAVE – it’s a very nice luxury that I didn’t even have for most of the time I nursed my second. When I got it though I realized what I had been missing out on. It’s great to sit and pump at work and have your hands free to look at pictures of your little one, read or just relax and breathe for a bit.
Nursing doesn’t have to cost a lot by getting all kinds of accessories, but the accessories can help in many ways. No matter what your budget it, you can make it work! 🙂
Other nursing mamas, what’s on your “must-have” list?

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  1. Camilleta says:

    My must-haves are breasts and a baby too! 😉

    But in the beginning, I have to say a boppy or lots of pillows helped me a lot. And nipple cream! =)

  2. My must haves would be breasts and baby also.

    In the beginning the sheilds were my best friend since my son was not able to latch on. I loved my boppy, it was great since my son was so little, now I just use a pillow if I need something.

    I love my double electric pump, its my lifesaver since I have to work full time. Also good storage bags for the freezer. I don’t have a hands free bra, but won’t one really bad.

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